Kit Harington facts

18 Awesome Kit Harington facts – Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

There isn’t a single television show out there that people are more excited about right now than Game of Thrones. It is full of unique and memorable characters. Remember the time at the end...
Aamir Khan facts

Less known Aamir Khan facts that will shock you

Aamir Khan’s acting, personality, and expressions make him a unique Bollywood star. From experimenting with stories to choosing unconventional roles, this talented superstar has done it all. You may get tired of reading about Aamir...
Shahrukh Khan, SRK

Shahrukh Khan: Unknown facts about the King of Bollywood

King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan is an Indian film actor, producer, and a television host who was born on 2 November 1965 in New Delhi, India. He admits being flawed, witty, a loving friend,...
Facts About Matt LeBlanc

Top 14 Facts About Matt LeBlanc You Never Knew Before

The famous actor Matt LeBlanc is well known for his outstanding performance as Joey Tribbiani on the all-time blockbuster FRIENDS. But when it ended in 2004 he faced tough times after FRIENDS spin-off ‘Joey’...
facts about Avril Lavigne

15 Unknown Facts About Avril Lavigne You Should Check

The Canadian singer Avril Lavigne became the heart of the music industry by combining rock and punk in a rebellious style. Though a huge part of Avril’s life has been put on public display,...

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