Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters - Pete Becker

Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters You Should Know About

Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey and Chandler- They have given us a whole new definition of love and friendship. Every FRIENDS fanatic worships these six famous characters. But have you ever thought about some...
worst HIMYM character

12 Strong Facts Proving Why Ted Is The Worst HIMYM Character

Now you might be asking “How can you hate Ted Mosby when you are a How I Met Your Mother fan? He’s just looking for love in the big city. Isn’t that something we...
Seasons Of Breaking Bad

Ranking of The Seasons of Breaking Bad From The Best To The Worst

Breaking Bad is an American crime drama series which was created and developed by Vince Gilligan. From January 2008 to September 2013 the show aired on AMC Network for five seasons. It’s a story...
Worst HIMYM Episodes

Worst HIMYM Episodes That All Fans Skip, And You Should Too

How I Met Your Mother took over from Friends as the go-to sitcom about young New Yorkers navigating through life and love in the city. It made us laugh for almost a decade and...
Pretty Little Liars plot holes

Pretty Little Liars plot holes and unnoticed mistakes

Pretty Little Liars is a strange place where you're not sure what's real anymore. The show has given us amazing twists and brain teasers in every single episode. But that doesn’t mean it is...

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