Tyrion Lannister Theory

This Tyrion Lannister Theory Explains Why He Looked Terrified In GOT Season 7 Finale

Finally Game Of Thrones Season 7 has come to an end. There are a lot of unsolved mysteries left to the viewers' imagination. Season 7 Episode 7 was jam packed with ice dragon’s action,...
Game Of Thrones Season Seven

This Is What Made Game Of Thrones Season Seven Worse Than Previous Seasons

We agree that GOT Season 7 was filled with drama, thrill, and action. But there are some things that made this season worse than the others. Although the episodes kept us hooked, there were...
worst HIMYM character

12 Strong Facts Proving Why Ted Is The Worst HIMYM Character

Now you might be asking “How can you hate Ted Mosby when you are a How I Met Your Mother fan? He’s just looking for love in the big city. Isn’t that something we...
Friends thanksgiving episodes

Friends thanksgiving episodes ranked from best to worst

Friends thanksgiving episodes- The ones with the turkey! The Friends gang is known for its messy Thanksgivings. For 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004, plenty famous celebs guest starred in the holiday episodes. The...
5 Must Watch American Sitcoms

Top 5 Must Watch American Sitcoms

A situation comedy, or sitcom, is a genre of comedy centered on characters who share a common environment, such as a home or workplace, with often humorous dialogue. America has produced some of the...

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