Stranger Things Characters

Did You Know About Stranger Things Characters That Are Overrated

Stranger things is an American science fiction series that first aired in the year 2016. Even though you can find a long list of the best Stranger Things episodes, there are many characters who...
The Walking Dead Best Episodes

The Walking Dead Best Episodes That Never Get Old

The Walking Dead is an American television series that got us hooked from the very first episode. Here we give you The Walking Dead best episodes that never get old even if you watch...
Seasons Of The Walking Dead

Check Out The Updated Ranking of The Seasons of “The Walking Dead”

Every season of “The Walking Dead” has always shown great contrasts to those that came before or after it. The number of fans of the show kept increasing with each passing year, and the...
best prison break seasons

Prison Break Seasons Ranking: Best Prison Break Seasons You Should Be Watching

Prison Break is an American television drama series that telecasted on Fox for four seasons and the fifth season in the year 2017. The story is about two brothers of which one has been...
The Big Bang Theory sucks

Big Bang Theory Sucks: 5 Reasons Why TBBT Is Not Funny And Is Overrated

The Big Bang theory is an American television show and was created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The show is mainly about four nerdy boys and a blonde girl whom one of them...

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