Fans Missed A Crucial Detail In GOT S07E04: Catelyn Stark Resurrection


Game Of Thrones has produced some extremely brutal deaths including Catelyn Stark’s red wedding death that left us all emotionally devastated. But the big question is that was the character’s story is meant to end there or will Lady Stoneheart finally appear in Game of Thrones? She once said to Robb, “We will kill them all.” Well, maybe she will! Is there a hint of Catelyn Stark Resurrection? Let’s see.

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Catelyn Stark Resurrection

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Catelyn Stark Resurrection

In George R.R. Martin’s novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, Catelyn Stark Resurrection happened as a corpse after her Red Wedding death and she was known as Lady Stoneheart, hellbent on seeking retribution on those who wronged her.  Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have come right out and admitted to Entertainment Weekly that Catelyn Stark Resurrection is not something they’re interested in doing. But is that really the case. Perhaps they changed their mind about it. Jon Snow didn’t stay dead for long, why can’t the same be said for Catelyn Stark Resurrection as well? To be betrayed and forced to watch as your eldest son is murdered, with no means to stop it is a mother’s worst nightmare. After all, she does have quite a bit of unfinished business to be getting on with.

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After Catelyn Stark’s Brutal Death At The Red Wedding: Her Appearance As A Ghost

Catelyn Stark Resurrection

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Catelyn Stark ResurrectionThough Catelyn died in season 3 of  Game Of Thrones at the infamous Red Wedding, she may have made a cameo appearance on season 7 episode 4 as a ghost. One of the most talked about scenes from “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 4 was the intense session between Arya and Brienne. In the scene where Arya and Brienne of Tarth face off in an epic sword fight, a haunting figure resembling Catelyn moves behind them! The moment happens right after Arya reminds Brienne of her vow to Catelyn. “You swore to serve both my mother’s daughters,” Arya says to Brienne, and it’s on the word “mother”, you can see “a woman in a long green dress with long auburn wavy hair and her head down walking past the background gate, resembling Catelyn Stark.” A Redditor, who agrees the moment is really creepy, points out the character seems to appear later as well, again behind Arya.Catelyn Stark Resurrection

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Lady Stoneheart In The Books

In George R.R. Martin’s books, Catelyn Stark comes back in a zombified version of herself and goes by the name of Lady Stoneheart. Since Lady Stoneheart wasn’t included in GOT, this little scene could just be a really awesome twist for fans who have read the books. After all, in the books, Stoneheart plays a critical role in Brienne and Podrick’s story. Martin has admitted he was disappointed that Stoneheart was excluded from the HBO series. “That was probably the first major diversion of the show from the books and, you know, I argued against that, and David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] made that decision,” he told Time. But after watching Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4, we can say that maybe the showrunners are messing with us about Lady Stoneheart.

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Catelyn Stark Resurrection

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So, what do you think about Catelyn Stark Resurrection? Is it a coincidence? Or the Showrunners have changed their mind about Lady Stoneheart? Let us know in the comments below.


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