Check Out The Updated Ranking of The Seasons of “The Walking Dead”


Every season of “The Walking Dead” has always shown great contrasts to those that came before or after it. The number of fans of the show kept increasing with each passing year, and the show became a global phenomenon. Here we rank the seasons of The Walking Dead from best to worst.Seasons Of The Walking Dead

1. Season 1:

The first episode of the first season showcased a terrifying world of walkers. Sheriff’s deputy Rick wakes up from the coma into a post-apocalyptic world. The season has positive reviews and has gained more than five million viewers from the premiere episode. This is one of the best seasons of the Walking Dead.

2. Season 5:

There was a huge change seen for Rick and the group in this season. Carol returns to the show and saves her friends from being hit. The group comes across Aaron and his Alexandria safe zone group of people. They reach Alexandria, which becomes their home for the season.

Rick develops feelings for Jessie who is a married woman being abused by her husband. Morgan comes back in the season finale, Noah is killed by the walkers in a revolving door and Rick is determined to save the people of Alexandria. Facts like this make it the second-best among all the Seasons Of The Walking Dead.

Seasons Of The Walking Dead3. Season 2:

This season continues the story of human survival in the world of zombies. Many new characters were introduced in the season like Hershel and Maggie Greene. The first of the season show the search for Sophia and during the time tension grows between Rick and Shane.

The twist being Sophia housed in Hershel’s barn. Glenn has a relationship with Maggie who is a farmer’s daughter. Carl shoots his father figure who has become a walker. Clearly, season 2 of The Walking Dead was one of the most entertaining of all.

4. Season 6:

The second last name on the list of top seasons of The Walking Dead is season 6. In this season the world of Alexandria is explored and in the beginning, the wolves attack Alexandria. The place remained safe from the walkers for such a long time because the zombies had been following the noise of the quarry and got caught there.

Nicholas and Glenn get stuck on the top of a dumpster, where Nicholas commits suicide and pulls Glenn down with him. Only towards the finale, we come to know that Glenn was under the dumpster the whole time.

5. Season 7:

The seventh season of The Walking Dead certainly was the worst of the entire series. Most of the characters that were fan favorites die in the season like Glenn, Sasha, Olivia, and Joey. Maggie continues to become a strong leader. Some of the memorable moments of the season were Rick and Michonne killing the walkers. But the season had so many flaws that overpowered these scenes.

Seasons Of The Walking Dead

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So this was the ranking of Seasons Of The Walking Dead from the best to the worst. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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