Confusing Plot Holes In The TV Series The Vampire Diaries That Are Still Unresolved


No matter how perfect a T.V series is, the showrunners always tend to confuse fans with some unresolved plot holes. The same thing happened with one of the famous teen dramas ‘The Vampire Diaries‘, that started with a bang.

Most of the fans will agree to the fact that the quality of the show slightly declined as the series final season came to an end. Before the series finale, there was a hope that answers to all the burning questions will be revealed.

Sadly, the finale seemed rushed and the unresolved loopholes became major plot holes. Let us take a look at some confusing plot holes in the TV series The Vampire Diaries that are still unresolved.TV Series The Vampire Diaries

Top Confusing Plot Holes In TV series The Vampire Diaries

  1. How on Earth were Damon and Elena thinking about splitting the cure when it was clear well in advance that there is only one shot of the cure? Did they forget the fuss Rebecca made over it in the previous seasons?
  2. How was Damon able to control the weather and apparently a crow? No vampire on the TV series The Vampire Diaries was able to do such a thing throughout the entire series. Moreover, mind control on animals wasn’t introduced as a vampire ability anyway.
  3. Most of the older vampires said many times that due to their age they are stronger than baby vamps. But in the show, there are tons of instances where we have seen younger vampires overpower their elders. The statements that older vampires are stronger than the younger vampires is really inconsistent.
  4. The amount of blood loss that kills humans has been varying throughout the eight seasons. The regular cast was totally healthy and fine with being their vamp friends’ blood bags for days but a random extra was easily killed in just a few sips! What’s up with that?
  5. Damon, Elena, Stefan, Kathrine, Caroline and some of the other fan-favorite vampires were able to withstand the rays for quite some time before they actually started to burn. But one of the villains and Elena’s birth mother Isobel just took off her daylight ring and burst into flames. Confused?
  6. Where do they get so much vervain for the entire town’s water supply? No other source except the Salvatore brothers’ wardrobe has ever been mentioned.
  7. The compulsion of an original is lifted when he dies. Then why couldn’t Elena remember Damon and her relationship even after Alaric died?
  8. In season 1 of TV series The Vampire Diaries, the spell used to seal the tomb was so powerful that it killed Bonnie’s grandmother even though it was performed by two witches. But later, Bonnie was able to lift it all by herself! What’s the secret to her secret superpower?
  9. Silas was the ORIGINAL original. How come it never came up before?
  10. Last, but not the least, Alaric’s babies were Siphons, right? They had the ability to draw out magic. Then why didn’t they suck out Elena’s sleeping spell and get the show over with a happy ending? Not in the mood? Nope… Not buying it.TV Series The Vampire Diaries

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So, what do you think of these Confusing Plot Holes In The TV Series The Vampire Diaries That Are Still Unresolved? Let us know in the comments below.

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