There Is A Dark Side To All The Big Bang Theory Characters That Will Make You Cringe


A happy little group of friends, most of them having high-paying flexible jobs that give them time to hang out with each other all the time. Well, this is the story of all the famous sitcoms like FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother out, The Big Bang Theory and much more out there. But doesn’t that seem way too perfect? Of course, it does. Afterall, fans never bother to peek behind the curtain of their too-perfect-to-believe lives. Keeping this in mind, let us take a look at the dark side to all The Big Bang Theory characters.

The Big Bang Theory Characters1. One of the first characters of The Big Bang Theory on this list is Penny. This character is played by the actress Kaley Cuoco seems like a jolly personality, ever-ready to have fun. She falls in love with Leonard despite the fact that they are very different from each other. But according to a Reddit theory, Penny slowly starts to lose her mind as the show progresses. She had a tough childhood which became evident when she poured her heart out when Leonard’s mom came into town. Her father was never satisfied with her as she was. She is friends with all the nerds and most often is polite but deep down she finds it frustrating that she has nothing in common with any of them. She has a tendency for getting addicted and that is the explanation to the alcohol problem. She always wanted to be an actress but failed in that attempt to. The main reason why she married Leonard was that she wanted stability and dominance. Even though she started earning more money than him, she had to do something that was never her passion and it still kills her from the inside.

The Big Bang Theory Characters2. The reason behind Sheldon’s narcissistic and self-centered attitude is that he was beaten up, bullied and ignored as a child. No one took his intelligence seriously. There is a list of phobias he suffers from because of unmet emotional needs as a child.

The Big Bang Theory Characters3. Whenever there is a list in making about The Big Bang Theory characters, it’s tough to leave Leonard out of it. He was abused by his mother as a child. She never loved him for who he was. He always had to earn her love and due to this tendency of doling out affection as a reward for achievements he became needy. He turned out to be desperate and insecure and began examining his self-worth based on the number of girlfriends he had. He put up with every annoying trait of Sheldon because he was afraid that if he doesn’t he will be left alone. He built a hugging machine for crying out loud!

The Big Bang Theory Characters4. Raj is basically a rich and spoilt brat. His parents provided him with servants and materialistic gifts but never had time for him. So, these unmet childhood needs made him suffer from selective mutism for a long time.

The Big Bang Theory Characters5. Howard‘s father left him and his mother to fend for themselves when he was a child and that deeply affected him. His insecurities and inability to separate from his mother for a long time is the result of this traumatic childhood experience.

The Big Bang Theory Characters

6. Regardless of who’s your favorite character, whenever you shortlist multiple The Big Bang Theory characters, you cannot sideline Amy. She has always been alone. She used to fantasize a world where she had a lot of friends and when she got one she started to come on way too needy.

The Big Bang Theory Characters7. Bernadette experienced sibling rivalry at an early age. Thus, she has two personalities- a sweet, polite and charming one and a mean and selfish one due to the childhood insecurities.

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So, what do you think of the show after pondering on the personality of The Big Bang Theory characters? Let us know in the comments below.


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