Unknown Facts about Danielle Campbell: Davina Claire From The Originals


Danielle Campbell is an American actress best known for her role in “The Originals”. Everybody seems to be totally obsessed with this beautiful teenage sensation from the vampire television series. Here are some unknown facts about Danielle Campbell- Davina Claire from The Originals, some of which might surprise you.Davina Claire


She was born on January 30, 1995, in Hinsdale; Illinois. Her Birth date makes Davina Claire a true Aquarian, honest, loving and inquisitive.

Davina Claire Loves To Travel:

She absolutely loves to travel in different parts of the world, which is also quite evident from her Instagram account. She loves to relax in the sun by the beach and is seen vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. Also, Davina Claire loves to surf. When she was asked about what superpower she would like to have she said that she wanted to fly so that she could travel to faraway places anywhere and anytime she wanted to, now that’s love for traveling!

PIZZA is her favorite food:

Danielle Campbell absolutely loves to eat, and is a foodie her favorite item on the menu is Pizza. She likes to have pancakes and juice for breakfast and also sometimes enjoys a bowl of pasta for lunch. She indulges in her favorite dessert once in a while which is frozen chocolate chip cookies; did you ever have one of those?

Davina Claire Starred in a Disney movie:

She played the role of a 15-year-old Jessica in the Disney movie Starstruck, where she plays the role of an ordinary girl from Michigan who gets caught up in the life of a pop star Christopher Wilde.

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Leah Pipes is her roommate:

Both of the actresses play the role of Davina Claire and Cami on the show, but most people don’t know that they share an apartment too in Atlanta. One interesting fact is that the show is also filmed there.

Worked As A Child Artist:Davina Claire

She first worked as a child artist in the famous American television series Prison Break. She was seen for five episodes as a guest artist and played the role of the daughter of the character Susan. Also, the fun fact is that she was discovered at a hair salon in Chicago where she went with her mom.

Davina Claire Works For Social Causes:

Danielle Campbell is seen working for charities like US Military veterans and kids. She is also seen raising her voice for the rights of Transgenders.

Always Makes Time For Her Friends:

Danielle loves to spend time with her friends, one of them being Phoebe Tonkin and can be seen spending a lot of time with her on the set.

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So, these were some unknown facts about the beautiful and talented actress Danielle Campbell- Davina Claire from The Originals.