8 Famous Actors Who Almost Starred In Friends: Friends Casting Decisions


Even if the US TVs biggest ever sitcom is full of plot holes and inconsistencies fans never get tired of watching this masterpiece and like it just the way it is. Any change in the storyline is unimaginable. Yes, it’s that perfect! It’s hard to think of any faces other than David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc when those 6 awesome New Yorkers come to the mind. But there were many actors who auditioned for the role of the famous FRIENDS. Let’s take a deeper look into the FRIENDS casting decisions.

Ellen DeGeneres For PhoebeFriends Casting Decisions

Ellen DeGeneres was the producers’ first choice to play the funky Phoebe, but she turned down the role even though she was and continues to be one of the funniest people on Earth. This was one of those Friends casting decisions that changed the show’s fate forever.

Jon Cryer For ChandlerFriends Casting Decisions

The 2 and a Half Men star said in an interview: “I was doing a play in London and got a call at 3 a.m. saying ‘We’ve got this show called Six of One (that was the former name of Friends), and we’d really like you to audition for it. So they faxed me the script, and I said, ‘Sure, I’d love to go in on this.’ I went in and read with a British casting person; they took the tape and said they’d get it to L.A. So I went home, and a few days later was told the tape didn’t get there in time for the network executives to see.” That must have been one hell of a bummer!

Kathy Griffin For PhoebeFriends Casting Decisions

She was one of the most eligible candidates according to the producers during the initial casting but the role ultimately went to Lisa Kudrow. Imagine redhead Phoebe!

Elizabeth Berkley For RachelFriends Casting Decisions

The famous Jessie on ‘Saved by the Bell’, and Nomi of Showgirls, Elizabeth Berkley auditioned for the part of Rachel Green!

Hank Azaria For JoeyFriends Casting Decisions

The actor has had successful roles in many movies, but couldn’t get much luck with the producers of Friends. He auditioned for Joey but got rejected. Although, he did play the role of David the scientist on the show.

Courteney Cox For RachelFriends Casting Decisions

“We originally offered Rachel to Courteney Cox,” Marta Kauffman, the show’s co-creator stated in an interview. But she requested to audition for Monica as she desired for a “stronger role.”

Jane Krakowski For Phoebe and RachelFriends Casting Decisions

Jane Krakowski revealed at the 2015 Emmy awards that she had auditioned for the part for Rahel Green.The creators of the show also had her in mind for the part of Phoebe.

Nancy McKeon For MonicaFriends Casting Decisions

The Facts of Life star Nancy McKeon also auditioned for the part of Monica. “I gave a terrific performance,” she explained, “but they went off for a walk and came back and said the part went to Courteney.” That was disappointing.

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