FRIENDS Fan Theory: 5 Darkest Fan Theories You Have Ever Heard


A Situation Comedy is supposed to relax you by making you laugh. That is what FRIENDS did for a decade and will continue to do so till the end of the world. But if someone suddenly puts forward a dark ending to a happy sitcom, it seems like the whole world is turning upside down. Keeping this in mind let us take a look at 5 darkest Friends fan theories and choose the best FRIENDS fan theory among them.

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1.The Entire Series Was In Phoebe’s MindFRIENDS Fan Theory

This is possibly the darkest FRIENDS fan theory ever! It came from the Twitter user @strnks. The theory suggests that Phoebe was still a homeless girl and that the entire series had been a product of her drug-addict mind.The final scene would have been her going past Central Perk and seeing Rachel, Joey, Ross, Chandler, and Monica having coffee inside. Except they all have different names and personalities and referred to her as “the crazy lady who always stares at us”. The show would then end with her taking shelter from the rain by setting up six bright umbrellas. Phoebe wanted was friends – so she invented them in her mind from scratch.

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  1. FRIENDS Fan Theory: Monica Wasn’t Judy’s DaughterFRIENDS Fan Theory

Judy always gave Monica a hard time. In the show, it was an intended comedy and we were supposed to laugh it off. But according to this theory, Monica was the result of Jack’s extra-marital affair. Judy somehow managed to forgive Jack but could never accept Monica as her daughter.

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  1. FRIENDS Fan Theory: The Entire Series Was In Rachel’s MindFRIENDS Fan Theory

It goes that Rachel Green had an anxiety dream on the evening of her wedding to Barry and created a fantasy in her mind including the five other friends, as a means of escaping her empty life and the wedding that meant nothing to her. FRIENDS was just an alternate lifestyle she imagined for herself. When the series ends, her maid of honor Mindy wakes her up and tells her that it was time for her to walk down the aisle and marry Barry. Although this Friends fan theory is not as disturbing as Phoebe’s version.

  1. FRIENDS Are Patients In A Mental AsylumFRIENDS Fan Theory

This theory claims that our favorite characters are actually living in a mental asylum. Ross has abandonment issues owing to his divorce, Rachel is a spoilt crazy person, Joey was under the pressure of living in a family of girls, Chandler’s childhood left him scarred, and Monica had an eating disorder. Phoebe is suffering the trauma of her mother’s suicide and her homelessness. Together, they suffer from various mental disorders, that is why they indulge in fantasies together in order to distract themselves from the harsh realities of asylum life.

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  1. The entire show is a fantasy of high school students with severe issuesFRIENDS Fan Theory

Every character had a major issue to deal with. According to this theory, the entire show was a fantasy of our beloved characters. Monica who was actually overweight fantasized herself as slim and a successful chef. Chandler who was socially awkward in his childhood developed a great sense of humor and a perfect relationship in his fantasy-world. Rachel who was basically a spoilt brat became a strong and independent woman. Phoebe had the worst life of them all. In the virtual world, she let go of her traumatic past and became a positive person full of life! Joey wanted to be an actor and in his fantasy, he became a star of a popular soap opera. Also, he always had his way with the ladies- sounds like most guys’ dream! Isn’t the ending way too perfect to be realistic?

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So, which Friends fan theory is too hard for you to digest? Let us know in the comments below.

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