Why ‘FRIENDS’ Is Way Better Than ‘How I Met Your Mother’


Every sitcom fan is familiar with these two series- ‘FRIENDS’ and ‘How I met your mother’. No wonder when you watch two series even slightly similar or of the same genre you automatically tend to compare. There is always that one TV series that you become addicted to and when that series comes to an end you become absolutely clueless about what you are going to do for a while. For me that was Friends. Apparently most of the people keep saying that How I met your mother is a copy of Friends. Let me correct you there. It is not a replica, it is a blatent ripoff of Friends. Copy would mean that both the shows are equally good. I know this is a bit debatable for some. So I am going to mention some facts about both the shows that will make it perfectly clear tht Friends is way better than How I met your mother.

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Real Friendship

Friends - FriendshipFRIENDS actually tells us what real friendship is. When Joey and Chandler fight over Kathy, they make up easily as well and realize that friendship is way more important than some random girl. They don’t have double standards like Ted. Ted ended his friendship with Barney while he was ready to forgive Robin for sleeping with Barney.

True Love

Friends vs How I Met Your Mother - True Love“Ross and Rachel are never off the table.” Heard that before? Sure they had an on an off relationship. They made mistakes when they were so called ‘on a break’. But love was never on a break. Rachel actually got off the plane. They knew how true love overpowers petty compromises they had to make. But on the other hand Barney and Robin though in love couldn’t work out their marriage due to Robin’s job. It is perfectly fine to be carrier oriented but in this case Robin just went a little over the board. If you really love someone from the bottom of your heart you always find a way to stay happily with that person.

Joey and Chandler Overpower Barney

Friends vs How I Met Your Mother - Joey and ChandlerNo doubt, Barney is a beloved character and will always be. But he is just a mixture of Chandler and Joey. His sarcasm and wit is inspired from Chandler, and the casanova lifestyle and his way with women is based on Joey Tribbiani.

FRIENDS Is Way More Relatable

Friends vs How I Met Your MotherWhen something is realistic it obviously becomes relatable. Friends is pretty similar to our daily lives. It has its crazy moments (Pheobe moments) but they aren’t blown out of proportion. They show ups and downs like we go through in our lives. As for HIMYM and everything is just super dramatic.

FRIENDS Is Versatile

Friends vs How I Met Your MotherEight seasons without even a hint of the real mother and then they come up with that woman with the yellow umbrella? I can understand the disappointment of Ted’s kids. HIMYM just revolved around finding a soul mate for Ted while Friends offered a lot more to its fans. It was a complete outlook on life. It brought to light petty issues and showed the audience how we usually make a big deal out of these issues. It allowed us to laugh at ourselves and see the lighter side of life.

FRIENDS Had Phoebe

Friends vs How I Met Your Mother - PhoebeThe wonderfully weird Phoebe Buffay has always been the flaky and wonderfully weird. She is messed up in possibly the best way. How I met your mother lacked Phoebe! Although they ripped off almost all other characters and transformed them to an extreme version of the original- Ted from Ross, Robin from Rachel and Marshall from Chandler.


Friends vs How I Met Your Mother - Janice“Oh My God” Everyone makes mistakes, but Chandler made an annoying one which he has to put up with till the very end. And whats life without the annoyingly-nasal ex-girlfriend? And accept it, you’ve said “Oh my God” like Janice many, many times. They didn’t have this kind of spice in How I met your mother.


Friends vs How I Met Your MotherIn FRIENDS, Ross and Rachel who were the power couple since the show started, ended up together. In HIMYM, Ted and Robin ended up together. Sounds like these two shows had a similar ending right? But there is a certain way to portray something and making it likeable by the audience. Now let me tell you the main reason why HIMYM finale had the worst reviews and FRIENDS had the best although they were a lot similar!

Barney fell for Robin in HIMYM just as Joey fell for Rachel in FRIENDS. They broke Barney and Robin’s marriage after letting the audience fall in love with the couple. Moreover just to reunite Ted with Robin, they killed off Tracy, the mother. She was barely seen in the show but she was the perfect match for Ted. The show was basically all about her. The divorce of Barney and Robin and the death of the mother converted this amazing sitcom into a tragedy. What is the point of calling it a sitcom when you turn it into a tragedy? In FRIENDS, Joey and Rachel broke up too but that wasn’t as devastating because the producers and writers were careful enough to not let the couple become audience’s favorite as it would prove harmful to the idea of a ‘Ross and Rachel’ ending desired by everyone. It is rightly said that “all is well that ends well”. HIMYM didn’t end well.

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How I met your mother is a good show indeed! It has given us innumerous episodes that made us laugh and cry. But FRIENDS definitely wins when there is a question of comparison between the two of them. To all How I met your mother fans-

Friends vs How I Met Your MotherWhich one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. God!! Stop comparing both the shows, they both are awesome and brilliant in their own ways. I know there are lots of smiliarties but the main plot is totally different from each other, friends was about friendship and how I met your mother was more dramatic and realistic and all about how Ted met the mother. I know the finale was disappointing but the show was indeed lagen wait for it DAIRY

  2. Well I would like to say just 1 thing regarding the last line of the DEBATE !!!

    “It is rightly said that “all is well that ends well”. HIMYM didn’t end well.”

    and also –

    “The divorce of Barney and Robin and the death of the mother converted this amazing sitcom into a tragedy. What is the point of calling it a sitcom when you turn it into a tragedy? ”

    U know what.. when ur b’ful “REALISTIC” life gives u such a painful accident … like when ur life HITS u badly… THEN.. it automatically becomes A TRAGEDY..

    in the shwo…she died genuinely n it is completely POSSIBLE..if some1 u love d most may go.. but still u can’t say ur life’s a TRAGEDY ! it can be still even more b’ful..

    Hence thats y HIMYM is still n will always be A STICOM (n not a TRAGEDY) n moreover better than F.R.I.E.N.D.S. bitches //!!! 😛 #wadap..!!!

  3. This is a terrible comparison, they both have completely different plot lines, one was being friends, while the other was leading up to meet the kids’ mother. Of course it’s going to take the entire show to end up with the final plot. Also ted forgave Barney after he found someone to replace the hole she left. Its sad how you’re composing the two based off the standards of ” friends” himym actually prepared for an ending while friends crammed everything into season 10.