Friends Theory: Joey Didn’t End Up With Any Girl Because He Was Actually Gay


This friends theory sounds crazy, right? If it were a regular guy this might have been at least believable but Joey? He was a womanizer! He slept with almost every woman in the tristate area and never missed an opportunity to score a girl wherever he was. But there are many incidents that will make you think whether, in reality, Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS was actually gay. Let us take a look at this Friends theory.

1. As per this friends theory, the characters on the show have never kept a very positive opinion about homosexuality. Phoebe always made fun of Chandler because his father was gay. Clearly, if someone makes fun of something like this, its a taboo to them. Although it was unfair, Joey decided to suppress who he really was due to the fear of society and what his friends would think of him. He was afraid that they would start making fun of him just as they did to Chandler.

2. From what we have seen, Joey has always been a womanizing fanatic. But what if it was a way to hide his true self? Sleeping with so many women and being really desperate about it was merely a way to overcompensate his real self. He didn’t want to face the reality for even a second. So, instead of coming out of the closet, he decided to choose a different way.

3. He actually kissed Chandler! In one of the episodes, it was New year’s eve and Chandler desperately wanted someone to kiss him. When he asked for it, Joey actually kissed him! There is a limit to how much a person can bottle up his true feelings. Joey always had a thing for Chandler. He couldn’t control himself and in the heat of the moment, he went for it.friends theory

4. According to this Friends theory, when Joey moved out, he couldn’t stand to live without Chandler, so he moved back in after a short duration. He was also jealous of his new roommate and didn’t like it when Chandler was having a good time with him. It almost seemed like a bad breakup. Also, at the end of the show, Joey never settled down with anyone as he was heartbroken and happy for Monica and Chandler at the same time.

5. Besides Chandler, he also had a weird moment with Ross. They took a nap together and that was the best nap he ever had! Let me be a little more clear. From what we saw, when they woke up, Ross was in Joey’s embrace. When they woke up, they even checked their pants. Why on Earth would a straight guy do this? Moreover, as per the FRIENDS┬átheory, they wanted to do it again. It was a moment of weakness for Joey. He never had an opportunity to get close to a guy this way and when he did, he didn’t wanna let it go. That is the main reason he asked Ross to “do it again some time.”friends theory

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As weird as it sounds, how many of you think that this Friends theory actually possible? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.


  1. In the episodes that take place in london, Phoebe is in New York with Rachel and tells her that Joey is gay as an aside, and its immediately sidestepped with a joke about Monica and promptly never discussed again.

    Considering Phoebe’s sixth sense, Im inclined to think she is right.