7 Funniest Episodes of The Big Bang Theory


Ever since The Big Bang Theory premiered on small screen, it has made millions of people laugh for countless times. Though it’s very difficult to cover all the fun moments of TBBT in one single post, we’ve shortlisted 7 funniest episodes of The Big Bang Theory for all of you. Check them out and share with us your favorite funniest episode with us-

The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis – Season 2, Episode 11

Funniest Episodes of The Big Bang TheoryIt is Christmas time. Sheldon finds out that Penny has gotten him a gift, and thinks it obligatory to reciprocate the gesture. But he doesn’t know how much she’s spent on him. So he can’t decide how much to spend on Penny’s gift and ends up buying a bunch of gift baskets. He plans to open her present first thereby giving her the basket whose price is nearest to the gift received by him. At the time of exchanging gifts, Penny presents him with something beyond his wildest dreams: a napkin signed by Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy. While Sheldon is already overwhelmed, Penny suddenly announces that Leonard Nimoy wiped his mouth with tha napkin. Sheldon’s joy knew no bounds when he realized that he possessed the DNA of such a huge personality. This results in the rarest of occurrences: a hug from Sheldon Cooper to Penny.

The Adhesive Duck Deficiency – Season 3, Episode 8

Funniest Episodes of The Big Bang TheoryOne of the funniest episodes of The Big Bang Theory season 3. Sheldon rescues Penny after she slips and falls in her bathtub and dislocates her shoulder., while the rest of the guys are camping in the desert. Sheldon criticizes Penny for not having non-slip stickers (like his adhesive duck stickers) on her bathtub floor. It is hillarious when Sheldon writes (while filling in Penny’s hospital admission form): “Cause of accident? Lack of adhesive ducks.” The best part is after their emergency room visit, tranquilised Penny asks Sheldon to sing Soft Kitty in the round with her!

The Staircase Implementation – Season 3, Episode 22

Funniest Episodes of The Big Bang TheoryThis flashback episode gives viewers some of the most awaited answers: How Sheldon and Leonard first met, why does Leonard always put up with Sheldon and how the elevator in their building got permanently broken. Sheldon makes Leonard pass a few tests just to let him see the apartment. Apparently Leonard did a stupid experiment and he realized that he had to throw out the apparatus as it seemed to be dangerous. So he enters the elevator with the apparatus but Sheldon pulled him out of the elevator before it blew up. He saved Leonard’s life.

The Robotic Manipulation – Season 4, episode 1

Funniest Episodes of The Big Bang TheoryAt dinner, Howard demonstrates a robot arm that he borrowed. Later at home, he uses the arm as a massager and even tries to use it to please himself, but unfortunately executes the wrong program (ouch!) forcing him to call Leonard and Raj for help. They take him to the hospital (along with the arm and Howard’s laptop containing the program for the arm movement) where the nurse turns off the laptop, which releases the arm’s grip on Howard. Meanwhile, Penny comes to know of Sheldon’s new friend Amy and is shocked when Sheldon announces his plans to conceive a child with her via in-vitro fertilization using Penny as a surrogate. Penny suggests that he should first go out with Amy on a date. Penny had to drive him to their date. When Penny tries to make Sheldon and Amy have a proper conversation, to her dismay Sheldon humiliates her. When Sheldon and Penny return home later that night  Penny threatens to tell his mother about his procreation plans, causing him to drop them.

The Pulled Groin Extrapolation – Season 5, episode 3

Funniest Episodes of The Big Bang TheoryAmy is accompanied by Leonard to a wedding after being turned down by Sheldon. They get to know each other better. Meanwhile Bernadette and Howard decide to spend a weekend together at Mrs. Wolowitz’s place as a test drive. The best and the most ironic part is when Bernie tells Howard how different she is from his mother and at the same time she yells at her in the same tone of voice as that of Mrs. Wolowitz.

The Warewolf Trasformation – Season 5, episode 18

Funniest Episodes of The Big Bang TheoryIt’s one of the funniest episodes of The Big Bang Theory in which Sheldon creates a havoc when he comes to know that his regular barber Mr. Donafrio is ill. Even after his regularly scheduled haircut appointment is one day overdue, Sheldon can’t stand it as he can hear his hair growing out of control. Howard runs into a few problems with astronaut training.  The best part is when sheldon sees no meaning in a systematic life anymore and starts playing bongos. Finally he lets Penny cut his hair.

The Love Spell Potential – Season 6, Episode 23

Funniest Episodes of The Big Bang TheoryAs the girls plan a trip to Vegas, the boys organize a Dungeons and Dragons marathon. The trip gets ruined because of Amy and the entire group ends up playing the game. Meanwhile, Raj ditches the game to go on date with Lucy. Howard brings the utmost laughter as the dungeon master by imitating Raj, celebrities like Christopher Walken and Al Pacino perfectly. Sheldon and Amy take their relationship to the next level after a “love spell” is cast on their game characters.

Is there any other episode that you think should be on this list of funniest episodes of The Big Bang Theory? Please share your feedback with us.

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