Game Of Thrones ‘Beyond The Wall’ Episode: Facts That Make It Absolutely Ridiculous


Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 has been one of the most intense episodes ever involving a lot of events happening simultaneously. It is a GOT tradition that the penultimate episode of every season is just mind blowing. That was evident from the latest episode of Game Of Thrones ‘Beyond The Wall’ with its battle sequence for survival.Game Of Thrones ‘Beyond The Wall’

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Summary Of Game Of Thrones ‘Beyond The Wall’ Episode:the night king

Game Of Thrones ‘Beyond The Wall’, shows Jon leading a small group of heroes into battle against the dead so as to capture a wight and take it back to King’s Landing as a proof for Cersei. They somehow managed to capture a small wight but accidentally gave the night king a weapon of mass destruction- Dany’s dragon.

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Not to mention, Thoros, the only red priest known for bringing the dead back to life died along with Jon’s beloved uncle Benjen. And when all that was over, we finally got to see a real spark between Jon and Dany.Game Of Thrones ‘Beyond The Wall’

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Why GOT S07E06 Seemed Exaggerated:

We can’t deny the fact that fans are definitely drooling. After all, so many of their hopes and theories have come true. Jon and Dany, ice dragon, everything was so intense. But doesn’t all this seem a bit exaggerated? As GOT is coming to an end, it has taken a toll on the quality of the show. Game Of Thrones ‘Beyond The Wall’ is a rushed job of poor ideas and shaky writing. Let us take a look at some reasons why Game Of Thrones ‘Beyond The Wall’ episode is not so good, although, it is overrated.Game Of Thrones ‘Beyond The Wall’

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  1. It is all too predictable. Remember the moment when Ned Stark was beheaded? That feeling of shock seeped through. It kept us wondering what is going to happen next. That feeling right there is just gone. Although it was pretty devastating to watch Viserion’s death, everybody kinda knew beforehand that a dragon was going to die. Where are the heart-wrenching twists and jaw dropping cliffhangers?
  2. GOT is famous for its mercilessness. Then why is everything suddenly rainbows and bunnies? No offense to Jon and Dany shippers but the beginning of their romance is being portrayed like that of a sitcom or teen drama.
  3. With the series finale coming at a super fast pace, the creators have all been at a sprint throughout season 7, every episode rushing through plot gates, leading to a weaker direction. Every episode, though intense in its own way, feels rushed.
  4. Why Jon continued to slay wights after the Still Breathing Seven (SBS) had boarded Drogon- We’ll never know!
  5. Also, not to forget the Ravens who are as quick as lightning!
  6. The idea, “let’s kidnap a zombie” itself was a foolish one. Think about it. Jon with his team went through all of this trouble, Thoros and Benjen died, Jon almost died again, Dany lost one of her beloved children all because they wanted to show Cersei one of the ugly and stupid screechy dead in a bag! If Cersei is going to cease hostilities with Dany, it will only be to stab her in the back.
  7. The fatal encounter with the bear was definitely a spooky highlight. But God knows why the writers had Thoros survive his initial wounds only to freeze to death later. We don’t need to be reminded of how cold it is out there.

the night king

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So, what do you think of the bittersweet Game Of Thrones ‘Beyond The Wall’ episode? Let us know in the comments below.