Game Of Thrones Plot Holes And Unnoticed Mistakes in GOT Season 2 and 3


For the writers of any famous T.V series, it’s likely they’re going to lose track of some of the major and minor events that have happened in the past to the star characters. Game of Thrones, like a lot of T.V. shows, is rampant with plot holes, continuity errors, and bloopers. Let us take a look at some of these Game Of Thrones plot holes and unnoticed mistakes in Season 2 and 3.

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Game Of Thrones plot holes

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Game of Thrones Season 2

  1. In the scene where Tyrion and Cersei are talking about sending Joffrey to the battlefield, Tyrion removes his cloth napkin from his shirt twice.
  2. When Maester Luwin walks towards Theon to try and talk him out of executing Ser Rodrik, he places his right hand on Theon’s left shoulder. When the shot changes, his hand is no longer on Theon’s shoulder.
  3. In the scene, Brienne and Lady Catelyn are with their horses by a stream talking. Brienne’s white horse is walked into the picture and is very dirty. The next shot the horse is clean.
  4. One of the biggest Game Of Thrones plot holes is when Arya Stark was on the run disguised as a boy and she ended up becoming Tywin Lannister’s cupbearer at Harrenhal. Yet it seems so unbelievable that Tywin, the mastermind, wouldn’t have figured out her true identity.Game Of Thrones plot holes

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Game of Thrones Season 3

  1. Several people have claimed the Red Wedding was completed in one take which is not possible. At the climax of the Red Wedding massacre, Robb crawls towards his dead wife Talisa from the direction of the doors, which are on the opposite side from Walder Frey’s throne. This means that Talisa is lying in such a way that, if facing Walder’s throne, her head is on the right and her feet on the left, towards where Catelyn is holding Walder’s wife hostage and pleading for Robb’s life. However, when Walder refuses, Robb has changed position and is now on the left of Talisa’s body. As Robb collapses to his death, looking directly at Catelyn, he lands next to Talisa, whose head is now closest to Catelyn with her feet facing the other way. This means that her body has somehow rotated by 180° in a matter of seconds. Game Of Thrones plot holes
  2. Jamie is getting his stump tended to and some white ointment is rubbed onto it before it is rebandaged. Before the bandage is placed, however, the ointment disappears.
  3. When Brienne of Tarth is facing off against Jaime Lannister on the bridge, in a shot from behind the blade is angled upwards without touching her arm, then in the immediate next shot from the front, the blade is lying along her arm.


So what do you think of these Game Of Thrones plot holes? Did you notice some of these mistakes in Game Of Thrones season 2 and 3 before? Let us know in the comments below.

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