George R.R. Martin’s Original Plan For Jon Snow Game Of Thrones


A lot has happened in Game Of Thrones since the Stark children were first separated. Arya began her quest to get revenge on those who hurt her and her family. Bran learned the truth behind parentage of Jon Snow Game of Thrones and Jon died before returning from the dead. Very few people know this but George R.R. Martin’s plan for the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series has changed drastically since he first wrote an outline in 1993. Martin’s initial idea features a much smaller cast of characters but still includes the Lannisters, Starks, Dothrakis, and Targaryens. From there, storylines get pretty radically different. Sansa, for example, marries King Joffrey, bears his son, and, Martin writes, “when the crunch comes she will choose her husband and child over her parents and siblings, a choice she will later bitterly rue.”

Game Of Thrones- Jon Snow

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Jon Snow Game Of Thrones: Weird StorylineGame Of Thrones- Jon Snow

Just when we thought the fans shipping Jon and Sansa were bad enough one original storyline, in particular, is extremely off-putting: Jon Snow and Arya Stark falling in love. Martin had a special relationship in store for Jon and Arya when he was first deciding out the Stark family dynamics. George R.R. Martin’s initial plan for Game of Thrones Jon Snow was very different from the story we’ve come to love. Jon was always meant to be the Lord Commander, but G.R.R.M. wanted Arya to travel to the Wall. After arriving at Castle Black, Arya would have realized that she had feelings for Jon that extended beyond a sibling bond. But this love affair gets even more twisted: Tyrion Lannister falls in love with Arya, who only has eyes for Jon; this leads to “a deadly rivalry between Tyrion and Jon Snow.”

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George R.R. Martin’s Original Letter

The letter “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin sent 24 years ago to his publisher Harper Collins reveals Martin’s earliest plot ideas for his wonderful book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” The letter includes the broad outline of his planned storyline which differs significantly to what has happened both in the books and the HBO’s TV series. Here’s the excerpt from Martin’s original outline:

George R.R. Martin’s Original Plan For Jon Snow Game Of Thrones (Outline)Game Of Thrones- Jon Snow

Jon Snow, the bastard, will remain in the far north. He will mature into a ranger of great daring, and ultimately will succeed his uncle as the commander of the Night’s Watch. When Winterfell burns, Catelyn Stark will be forced to flee north with her son Bran and her daughter Arya. Wounded by Lannister riders, they will seek refuge at the Wall, but the men of the Night’s Watch give up their families when they take the black, and Jon and Benjen will not be able to help, to Jon’s anguish. It will lead to a bitter estrangement between Jon and Bran. Arya will be more forgiving … until she realizes, with terror, that she has fallen in love with Jon, who is not only her half-brother but a man of the Night’s Watch, sworn to celibacy. Their passion will continue to torment Jon and Arya throughout the trilogy until the secret of Jon’s true parentage is finally revealed in the last book.

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But as we all know, one thing that hasn’t changed between the original version and now is Martin’s willingness to kill off beloved characters. “I want the reader to feel that no one is ever completely safe, not even the characters who seem to be heroes,” he wrote. So, what do you think of this George R.R. Martin’s Original Plan For Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below.


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