GOT Season 7 Deaths: Your Favorite Characters That Are Going To Die This Year


Valar Morghulis- All men must die! Seems like George R.R Martin has taken this phrase way too seriously. We may not know who will meet their end in season 7, but we can make some wild predictions. After all, only one thing is certain, when it comes to Game of Thrones, there will be blood! Let us take a look at some most likely GOT Season 7 Deaths.

GOT Season 7 Deaths:

Euron GreyjoyGOT Season 7 Deaths

There aren’t a lot of villains left on Game of Thrones, and Euron is a very expendable one. Daenerys will most probably follow through on her promise to help Yara and Theon slay their uncle.

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MelisandreGOT Season 7 Deaths

The least GOT can do is kill the Red Witch who warped and twisted his ambition against him, causing the middle Baratheon to kill his younger brother and his little girl. After being exiled from the North, Melisandre is riding towards the Riverlands where Arya is lurking about, ready to check names off her list. Melisandre got herself added to the kill list in Game Of Thrones Season 3 when she bought Gendry off the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Daenerys’s Dragon ViserionGOT Season 7 Deaths

If the army of the dead can use horses, there’s no reason they can’t use dragons. According to a Reddit thread, Jon will capture a wight in order to prove to Daenerys that the threat from the White Walkers is real. Some mid-tier characters will die and Daenerys will show up at the last minute to rescue Jon Snow. But the White Walkers manage to bring down the dragon Viserion. The Night’s King reanimates the dragon and flies off. There are indeed ice dragons within the mythology of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. “The wind was gusting, cold as the breath of the ice dragon in the tales Old Nan told when Jon was a boy,” Martin writes, in one instance. It might sound a little far-fetched, it really does seem likely that the Night’s King will ride an ice dragon into battle next year on Game of Thrones.

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LittlefingerGOT Season 7 Deaths

Littlefinger has done so many horrible things over the years (particularly to the Starks), we’d love to see Sansa turn on her mentor and take him down. He’s so focused on claiming the Iron Throne, he’s oblivious to the fact that there may not be a kingdom to rule once the Night’s King reaches Westeros. That’s the kind of mistake that could get a man killed. The way things are moving, we are likely to see him getting murdered by Sansa with the help of her younger sister Arya Stark. 

Remember, the girl is No One.

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Benjen Stark

GOT Season 7 Deaths: Benjen StarkOf all the Game of Thrones characters to return after a long absence in Season 6, Benjen Stark was the most mysterious. Benjen is a character who brings knowledge and revelations. It is assumed that Benjen Stark will die fighting the wights in order to save Jon.

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Olenna TyrellGOT Season 7 Deaths

According to the spoilers, Lady Olenna will admit to poisoning Joffrey’s drink. Olenna will reportedly confess her murder to Jaime Lannister, who will then give her a chance to drink the poison and die peacefully. She’ll agree..!!!

ThorosGOT Season 7 Deaths

Arya blames him and Beric Dondarrion for giving Gendry to Melisandre. So, he is one of the names on Arya’s kill list. Also, to kill Beric Dondarrion she’d probably have to get rid of Priest Thoros (whose magic helps bring his friend back) first. Moreover, he is not of much importance in the series now. This is one of the most predictable GOT Season 7 Deaths.

Beric DondarrionGOT Season 7 Deaths

Given the number of times that Dondarrion has passed away and then been resurrected, we’re not quite sure just how permanent death is to him. Maybe Arya will put an end to his resurrection this time or maybe he will give up his life for a bigger cause that is yet to be unveiled in the show. However, those who have read books already know the theory of Catelyn Stark resurrection. We’ll have to wait and watch how things unfold in the show.

Arya StarkGOT Season 7 Deaths

Arya Stark has been devastated by the deaths of several family members, which led to her training with Jaqen to become one of his faceless assassins. When last we saw her, she fed Walder Frey pies made from the meat of his kids, and eventually slit his throat for his orchestration of the Red Wedding. Arya’s relentless and violent thirst for vengeance could lead to her own demise. And of course, she is a Stark. They are famous for getting killed off some way or the other!

So, what do you think about these Game Of Thrones deaths? Who will top the list of GOT Season 7 Deaths? Let us know in the comments below.

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