22 Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets Movie Mistakes You Didn’t Notice


It won’t be wrong to say that Harry Potter is one of the most successful British American Film series based on the book series of the same name. However, there are a few mistakes in the second installment of the movie that many people didn’t notice. Here are 22 such Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets movie mistakes that you should take a look right away-

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets movie mistakes1. In the Slytherin common room, when Harry and Ron are talking to Malfoy as Crabbe and Goyle, Malfoy’s hair didn’t change. His voice is also high pitched, suggesting that this scene was filmed before his voice dropped. He is also shorter and has a younger, chubbier face. Most of the scenes throughout the movie were shot out of sequence.

2. Ron and Harry drag their trunks and pets up the steps. As Ron places his trunk near the others, the five strips of trim are clearly visible in his trunk, whereas when Ron’s trunk is thrown out of the car has only four strips of trim. NOT the same trunk.

3. As Ron’s owl flies through the hall to deliver the howler during lunchtime, we can see baskets of green apples and pears evenly spaced along the tables. However, after the owl crashes, the baskets of fruit are missing. One of the Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets movie mistakes that you may not have noticed.

4. When Harry first dips his quill into the ink bottle, the bottle is a good distance away from the diary. He drips ink on the page, and it disappears. As he flips the page in the next shot, the ink bottle is much closer to the diary although he hasn’t touched it.

5. While in the Whomping Willow, there is a shot from the interior of the car showing the windshield receiving two large cracks. In the next shot, the blue hood of the car is seen with the lack of wiper blades and the windshield has no damage whatsoever.

6. In Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, the mirrors don’t reflect at all; they’re so dirty. But when Harry changes into Goyle, his face is clearly reflected. Another one of those Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets movie mistakes that were overlooked by many fans.

7. When the car crashes in the Whomping Willow, it is turned around a couple of times. Meanwhile, Hedwig is sitting on her perch, not moving at all.

8. When Harry is talking to Dobby in his bedroom on Privet Drive, Dobby begins banging his head against the dresser to punish himself. If you look closely, you can see that there is a slight delay between the time that Dobby’s head appears to hit the dresser, the time you hear the thump. One of the silliest Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets movie mistakes that remains unnoticed even today.

9. When Harry falls out of the fireplace in the store, his hair have dust all over, but when he is outside, in Knockturn Alley, his hair is clean.

10. Near the end of the film, when Harry is leaning on the sink about to change into Goyle, we see his reflection in the mirror. In the reflection, it shows his face is starting to change, and his skin is bubbling up, but the part in front of the mirror is not changing at all.

11. When the boys sneak into the Weasley house, while Harry walks over to the clock, one of the others whispers, “Do you think it’d be alright if we had some of these?” the biscuits on the table, to which the other replies, “Yeah. Mum will never know.” None of the boys are mouthing any of these words.

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12. When Hermione, Harry, and Ron discuss Tom Riddle, and Hagrid’s supposed link to the Chamber of Secrets Hagrid overhears something and asks if they were talking about him. Harry, Hermione, and Ron all turn round, and we hear them say, “No!” at the same time. Hermione says, “No!” slightly afterward, but no sound comes out. The line has been dubbed so that they all say in unison.

13. When Tom Riddle confronts young Hagrid, the first time Riddle says, “Now, stand aside,” Hagrid yells, “No!” but Hagrid’s lips do not move. Another one of the Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets movie mistakes that didn’t catch anyone’s attention.

14. At the Weasleys, as they read the Hogwarts’ letters, Mrs. Weasley picks up Harry’s letter and says, “We’ll manage,” though she does not say that, she is saying something else.

15. While Harry and Hagrid walk down Diagon Alley, Hermione runs toward Harry, and just as Harry comes into view he is mouthing something to Hermione, yet his voice is not heard, only Hermione’s voice is heard.

16. In the Dueling Club scene, as Snape says “Don’t move, Potter, I’ll get rid of it for you” a film crew chair can be seen on the left side of the screen. This is one of the harry potter and the chamber of secrets continuity mistakes that nobody noticed.

17. While in the Whomping Willow, the window on Ron’s side of the car shatters. In the next shot, as the tree limb comes smashing down on the roof, a large piece of the stunt equipment is visible on the back bumper of the car.

18. One of the harry potter and the chamber of secrets goofs comes when Harry enters the Chamber of Secrets and spots Ginny lying on the ground, he runs towards her. The sound of his footsteps doesn’t match his actual steps.

19. When Harry and Ron finally get to Hogwarts, they are flying over a lake. The lake reflects Hogwarts, but not the car. One of those Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets movie mistakes that are beyond the understanding of muggles.

20. When Fawkes carries Lockhart, Ron, Harry, and Ginny out of the Chamber, you can see their shadows on the rocks. Fawkes’ shadow is also visible, but his flapping wings aren’t seen.

21. After returning from the Chamber of Secrets, Ron and Harry are in Dumbledore’s study when he says, “There is sufficient evidence to have you both expelled,” and on the floor behind his chair is a large bright white tape mark at the edge of the rug.

22. In the dueling scene, when Snape pulls Malfoy back onto his feet, a cameraman is visible kneeling down on the far left of the screen.

So, are you shocked? Or did you notice some of these Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets movie mistakes before? Let us know in the comments below.

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