Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince movie mistakes that went unnoticed


Harry Potter is one of the most successful British- American Film series based on the books of the same name. However, there are a few mistakes in the sixth installment of the movie. Here are 15 such Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince movie mistakes that you should take a look right away-

Harry Potter and the Half blood prince movie mistakes

  1. When Professor McGonagall is talking to Ron, Harry and Hermione about the necklace incident and Professor Snape is walking by in the background, he stops just before she calls him over.
  2. During the Slug Club’s dessert, as Slughorn speaks to the students, their ice cream, syrup, wafers, spoons, etc, change depending on the camera angle.
  3. This is the most common mistake that has occurred in previous installments of the movie too. In Potions class, just before the students go to their cauldrons to prepare their Draught of Living Death, Hermione stands in front of Harry, but in the long shot she is instantly beside him, then she’s suddenly back in front of Harry again.
  4. In the Great Hall, when Ron wearing his Quidditch uniform asks Hermione about the Slug Club, his right arm lies on the table in front of him in shots from behind, but in shots facing him his right arm is down beside him.
  5. When Professor Dumbledore and Harry are talking about Horcruxes, Harry’s hair is nice and well-combed in one shot. The camera then cuts to a side view and his hair is now messy.
  6. When Harry is lying outside the hut at the end of the film, Snape kicks his wand away. A block of neon tape can be seen beneath the wand when Snape kicks it.
  7. When the trio is on the Hogwarts Express, we hear Harry say “What was Draco doing with that weird looking cabinet and who were all those people” but the subtitles say it was Ron who said that.
  8. After Ginny sees Hedwig and Harry’s trunk at the Burrow, everyone gathers at the staircase and talks to Ginny about Harry’s whereabouts, and when Hermione exclaims “Really?” we hear Harry answer “Really!” but the subtitles read that Ron answers Hermione. These type of mistakes really confuse the viewers.
  9. When Ron and Harry are walking down the corridor towards Potions class, Ron says, “…Quidditch trials coming up, I need to practice,” but his mouth is not in sync with that dialogue.
  10. When Harry finds Hermione crying at the bottom of the stairs, with the conjured canaries flying overhead, there are is numerous debris on the lowest steps and near her feet, but in the shots looking down from the top of the stairs the area is clear.
  11. As Harry and Luna come through Hogwarts gates, an Auror standing outside begins to walk backward in through the gate. He makes it half-way through, but in the next shot, he is still at the end of the gate.
  12. When Dumbledore approaches Slughorn, who is disguised as a chair, both the sheer and opaque curtains’ appearance changes back and forth – also note the holes or lack thereof, between Slughorn’s close-ups and wide shots.

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So, are you shocked? Or did you notice some of these Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince movie mistakes before? Let us know in the comments below.