It is said that what God can’t give you, a doctor usually can. It seems like Hollywood has taken this saying pretty seriously! Most of the Hollywood superstars have gone under the knife to change their physical appearance whether they admit it or not. These stars have altered their imperfections to become the glamorous icons they are known as today. From Botox to lips fillers and even nose jobs, cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular in Hollywood, especially amongst actresses. Here is a list of some of the famous Hollywood celebs who underwent cosmetic surgery to appear more appealing and their before and after looks. Let us see how it turned out for them! 

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  1. Meg Ryanbefore and after

Meg Ryan is affectionately known as America’s Sweetheart, for her classic looks between ‘cute’ and ‘sexy’. She looks very different with the Botox, lip implant, and neck and forehead lift.

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  1. Aubrey O’Daybefore and after

Aubrey O’Day member of P. Diddy’s girl band group Danity Kane. A flatter-chested young woman now sports enormous breast implants and lip implants.

  1. Kourtney Kardashianbefore and after

The eldest among Kardashian sister has had injections of Botox and Juvederm to keep wrinkles away, plump up her lips, and a nose job for straightening her nose. Basically, she has modified almost every feature she naturally had and transformed into a completely different person. Her before and after looks are totally different. 

  1. Patricia Heatonbefore and after

She has never been shy about cosmetic surgeries. She admitted to her tummy tuck and breast implants after her delivery. Unlike others, she wants to enhance what assets she has, instead of faking assets she doesn’t have.

  1. Nikki Coxbefore and after

The ‘Unhappily Ever Actor’ actress has actually undergone lip injections, a breast implant, and possibly an eye lift.

  1. Jennifer Anistonbefore and after

Jennifer Aniston got famous for her role in ‘Friends’, no comments for her plastic surgery. She finally confessed on Conan O’Brien’s show that she had Botox and fillers, a nose job, and a laser skin peeling. Overall, she looks nice. There isn’t much of a difference between her before and after looks.

  1. Lindsay Lohanbefore and after

Lindsay Lohan had undergone surgery of lips as well as facelifts and breast implants. She is a new fresh look and barely resembles with her former look now.

  1. Daryl Hannahbefore and after

The ‘Splash’ actress is a victim to disastrous plastic surgery. She has actually had lip injections, along with Botox, cheek implants, and an eye lift. Combined of all has given her face a puppet-like look.

  1. Holly Madisonbefore and after

Former star of the TV show ‘The Girls Next Door’, Holly Madison admitted to having both a nose work and breast increase. She had implants when she was just 21.

  1. Kate Hudsonbefore and after

The Goldie Hawn’s daughter is beautiful. But she had wrinkles and lines removing therapy. She just goes into the dermatologist’s office and keeps asking for more and more therapy she can take.

For some, these cosmetic surgeries work wonders, but for others, they can turn out to be the worst nightmare. If we had a penny for every time an actress went under the needle to get her lips perfected or her nose reshaped and it went wrong, we’d probably have enough cash to throw them in a time machine and freeze them in the past!

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