Top Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits You Should Know About


India is all over the world now including Hollywood and so is Indian fashion. Here we are talking about the graceful nine yards- the Indian saree which has made its place in the wardrobes of many famous Hollywood celebs. So here is a list of Hollywood celebs in Indian outfits who rocked the world every time they wore these dresses.

Lady Gaga

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Lady GagaWhile we haven’t always been a big fan of her eclectic taste in clothes, the singer sure proved her fashion sense with her elegant Tarun Tahiliani creation.

Pamela Anderson

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Pamela AndersonThe former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson was spotted wearing a pristine white saree, when she made an entry into the famous Indian reality show- Big Boss. She brought the TRPs up just with the way she carried herself.

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Selena Gomez

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Selena GomezWith a cute face like that, the pop singer could probably pull off a anything, but it still came as a surprise when she took gorgeous to a whole new level by opting for a saree replete with a bindi.

Nicole Scherzinger 

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Nicole ScherzingerPCD singer lead, Nicole Scherzinger may have raised the with her band of girls in all black sarees, with gold borders.

Anna Kournikova

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Anna KournikovaAlong with being a killer on the tennis pitch, she indeed rocked the Indian traditional look.

Naomi Campbell

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Naomi CampbellThe ‘Black Beauty’ of western fashionand the famous supermodel Naomi Campbell draped her hot self in a sheer black embossed saree by Sabyasachi.

Jessica Alba

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Jessica AlbaAn orange saree with an embroidered blouse and a daring slit, Jessica Alba managed to find her way into a saree and nailed it!

Paris Hilton

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Paris HiltonParis Hilton is well known for her amazing sense of fashion, her social life and her love for singing. She came to India to promote her brand of luxury items all dolled up in various shades of gray by eminent designer Tarun Tahiliani in a pearl embossed gorgeous net saree.

Oprah Winfrey

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Oprah WinfreyCEO Of HARPO Inc. and famous talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey paid a visit to India and she also was spotted twice in a saree once at the dinner with the Bachhans and the other time when she had to stop by at a VVIP inauguration

Elizabeth Hurley

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Elizabeth HurleyKnown for her stylish moves and her fashionable lifestyle, Hollywood diva Elizabeth Hurley wore a pink chic designer sari embellished zari work over the pink base and a lace borer.

Julia Roberts

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Julia RobertsJulia Roberts caught our breath in her movie Eat, Pray, Love. Her acting prowess drove home a message very strong, but when she was in India doing her part in the movie and playing counselor to an onscreen actor at her wedding, Julia was spotted in the Gujarati styled silk bordered bottle green sari draped to finesse.

Victoria Beckham

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Victoria BeckhamKnown for her bob cut hair do and reigning the world of fashion as a stunning diva, Victoria Beckham looks stunning in a red saree embellished with zari and zardozi karigari.

Alyssa Milano

Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Alyssa MilanoAlyssa Milano shows us how to drape the saree like a kimono jacket and how to blend into the desi avatar with utmost grace. The bindi on the forehead with minimal makeup completes her look.

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Last but not the least, rebel singer Madonna embraced spiritualism at the peak of her career and renounced many ways of her life. She promoted Indian tradition and values across the world, donning a blue saree with chunky oxidized bangles and a statement neck-piece.Hollywood Celebs In Indian Outfits - Madonna

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