10 Incredible Shows Like Game Of Thrones On Netflix You Should Start Watching


There was a time when we all associated Monday with our cranky boss and tiring day at work. Then came an era when George R.R. Martin and HBO helped us to get into another beautiful world of breathtaking fights, heart-wrenching murders, and unexpected betrayals. (not to forget the fire throwing dragons and the gripping acting with British accents). The only thing that we hated about it was the scanty number of episodes that it had to offer. We were taught the lesson of ‘less is more’ in the most brutal way. But don’t you worry, here we are to help you get over the lack of GOT for another year. All you need is your sibling’s Netflix password and a bag of popcorn. Here we begin with the list of 10 Shows Like Game Of Thrones On Netflix!!

1) Breaking bad

There is a reason why this particular series tops our list of Shows Like Game Of Thrones On Netflix. So breaking bad is a story of an ailing high school chemistry teacher who turns himself into the lord of meth mafia. This show took no time to become everyone’s favorite. Its intense scenes of flesh and blood falling off the roof and amazing storyline will keep you asking for more.

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2) Lost

If you had love GOT for its intricate storyline, then Lost will become your next favorite. This particular series has six seasons of total 121 episodes and contain supernatural elements, is a science fiction set on an island, augmented by flashback and flash-forward sequences which make the characters come alive

3) House of Cards

Do you love Game Of Thrones for the betrayals, story twist, and political drama? If yes, then we have one of the best Shows Like Game Of Thrones On Netflix exclusively for you. House of Cards it is folks! This a serious political drama set up around politicians of various ranks in Washington DC and has 13 episodes per season. But what if you don’t like politics much? Because many of us don’t. Then don’t you worry! The sharp and accurate writing will never let you sleep in peace until you watch the next episode. Go binge watch some not so political politics.

4) Spartacus

We all love GOT for the magnificent battles, backstabbing, drama and the violence, of course. This series will satisfy you for all these flavors and will leave you asking for more. If GOT had dragons (and mother of dragons) then Spartacus has gladiators, swords and a world that you will love. Go watch this entire series streaming on Netflix.     

5) Reign

We all felt sad for Sansa, hated Jamie (and Cersei) and loved Jon snow (although he knows nothing :P). The characters were so well-structured that they kept us bound to the series. This show has sisters going after the same boy, power struggle, deception, betrayals, and bastards. What are you waiting for? Go binge watch this family that reminds you of the family that once visited you every Monday.

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6) The Walking Dead

The lesser we try to explain its plot, the more justice we do to it. This hands down is the second best show after GOT.

7) The Borgias

This series will give you some real-life action as it is about the real-life Borgias family and their fight for power. This is a cruel and corrupt family with some incest too (in case you miss Jamie and Cersei or Jon and Daenerys). They are ruthless, barbarous and torturing.

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8) Rome

This series could have easily achieved the fan following that GOT has achieved, if it wouldn’t have got canceled due to the humongous investments that it required. But we always have a good news, don’t we? You can still watch its 22 episodes on HBO go. This will not give you nail-biting battles and violence but its storyline will keep you stuck! Do give it a try.

9) The Tudors

This story revolves around Henry VIII’s reign over England. The thirst for political power and control is what makes this similar to GOT. The only problem that it has is the historical inaccuracy, it doesn’t showcase the truth. But is it really a problem for us GOT fans? I don’t think so! This series has a lot of drama and nail-biting action for you in the store.

10) The Last Kingdom

Just like Game of Thrones seasons, the last kingdom is based on a series of books called the Saxon stories. This is set during the 10th century AD in England at the time when Viking invasions were at its zenith. It revolves around an orphan who has to choose between the people who raised him and his native country. Whom did he choose? You will get this show on BBC along with some beheading, crucifixion, and eye-gouging that we have got accustomed to thanks to GOT.

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The success and love that Game Of Thrones has achieved are exceptional and no other series will be able to receive similar appreciation in near time. But you will definitely spend a happier time with these Shows Like Game Of Thrones On Netflix until the next episode of got airs.