Interesting Facts About Phoebe Tonkin- Hayley Marshall From The Originals


Phoebe Tonkin is an actress and model originally from Australia. She is well known for her lead role in the series The Originals. Let’s take a look at some awesome facts and trivia about the famous actress Phoebe Tonkin- Hayley Marshall from The Originals!Hayley Marshall

1. Her name is actually Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin.

2. Hayley Marshall was born on 12th July 1989. Phoebe Tonkin’s birthplace is Sydney.

3. In 2012, she started a website related to health with a friend Teresa Palmer. The website was called YourZenLife.

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4. She also appeared in a music video by Miles Fisher- “Don’t Let Go”.

5. Tonkin’s modeling career comprises of shoots for Teen Vogue, Girlfriend, ELLE Australia, Vogue Australia, Miss Vogue Australia, Free People, and Dolly.

6. She has appeared in various advertisements that include the famous Vauxhall Motors and was also signed for Chic Management.

7. In August 2012, she joined the cast of The very popular CW TV series, The Vampire Diaries, as Hayley Marshall, a wolf friend of Tyler Lockwood.

8. She joined her friend and co-star from H2O: Just Add Water, Claire Holt, who now portrays Rebekah Mikaelson on The Originals and the same on The Vampire Diaries previously.

9. Hayley Marshall was cast as Faye Chamberlain in March 2011 on The CW supernatural drama show The Secret Circle. The series was about a coven of witches residing in a small town. Phoebe Tonkin played the role of the vicious witch Faye Chamberlain, a free-spirited supernatural creature who was known to use her powers selfishly and recklessly.

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10. Tonkin’s film debut happened while starring in the action ensemble film Tomorrow, When the War Began. In the movie, that revolves around a bunch of teens waging a war against a foreign power invading in their hometown of Wirrawee, she portrayed the rich, sophisticated and uptight Fiona Maxwell.

11. When Phoebe was four, she attended professional dance courses in classical ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop, and tap dance. When she was 12, Tonkin started to take courses at the Theatre for Young People (ATYP) in Australia.Hayley Marshall

12. In 2008, Phoebe Tonkin was nominated for the “Best Lead Actress in a Television Series” award at the Australian Film Institute Awards.

13. Hayley Marshall studied theater deeply from the start as it was one of her biggest passions in life.

14. Phoebe Tonkin got her big break on the teen show in Australia, H2o: Just Add Water. The series was about three teenage girls who turn into mermaids after a mysterious island changes them and gives them some special powers.

15. She has a long history with her The Originals co-star Claire Holt. The fellow Australian plays the role of Rebekah Mikaelson on the TV show The Originals, but she also played Phoebe’s best friend and a fellow mermaid on H2O: Just Add Water. Don’t you think it’s one of the biggest coincidences ever?

16. She dated Paul Wesley- her The Vampire Diaries co-star for quite a long time. Paul and Phoebe dated from 2011 to 2017. They broke up sometime in June 2017. But fans don’t need to worry — they are still good friends and hang out together on the regs.

17. She absolutely adores and loves babies.

18. She wore braces for two whole years!Hayley Marshall

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Which of these facts about Phoebe Tonkin- Hayley Marshall from The Originals shock you the most?