Should Jon Snow Bend The Knee To Daenerys Of House Targaryen?


Many moments have occurred during Game Of Thrones Season 7 that may foretell even bigger consequences, and the most crucial of them all was the meeting between Daenerys of House Targaryen and Jon Snow who actually belongs to both House Targaryen and House Stark (Thanks to the confusing House Targaryen family tree). When Jon takes Daenerys into the cave of dragon glass they once again approach the topic of whether or not Jon is going to bend the knee. Daenerys will only help him defeat the White Walkers if she has his loyalty, and she asks him, “Isn’t survival more important than your pride?” Jon, prompting him to insist that his people wouldn’t accept a southern ruler. “They will if their king does. They chose you to lead them. They chose you to protect them.”

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House Targaryen

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What Do The Producers Say?

The producers of the show explained the reasoning behind his decision and the significance of the scene in a behind-the-episode video. “The spine of the episode is about their meeting,” producer Dan Weiss said. “It was an exciting thrilling thing to watch even as we were shooting it.”

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David Benioff explained, “That audience chamber was built by Aegon of House Targaryen to intimidate anyone who came there.” Weiss continued, “He doesn’t have much insight into what she’s gone through so I think he sees a rich girl with a fancy name sitting in a big chair with a fancy dress on, proclaiming herself Queen of the World, so I don’t think he’s looking upon her with as much respect as she has come to take as her due.” “He’s a very strong-willed person,” Benioff agreed. “He didn’t come down here to bend the knee and join her in her fight against Cersei, none of that matters at this point, all that matters is fighting the dead.”House Targaryen

They also delved into reverse impression saying, “She looks at him and see’s an unwashed barbarian from the north and a bastard whose name is Jon Snow (of course she doesn’t know that Jon Snow actually belongs to both House Targaryen and House Stark) yet he’s calling himself King, but if she knew what he’d seen she’d be looking very very differently at what he’s telling her. At this moment in time, all she see’s is someone trying to carve up a piece of her kingdom for himself. But if what this guy is saying really is true then it really is an issue.” this becomes a complicated measure when looking at the matter from Jon’s perspective. Both sides of the coin have their appeal, while they also could have severe consequences.

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The Big Decision About Bending Knee To House Targaryen

Thus, the decision on whether or not to bend the knee is a confounding one for Jon and for fans. His choices are made with the best interest of the realm and his people in mind. That, in turn, makes his forthcoming decision all the more intricate.  Let’s examine the positives and negatives of Jon pledging himself and the North to Daenerys Targaryen.

Why Jon Should Bend The KneeHouse Targaryen

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  1. While we never see Jon’s response, it’s possible that Daenerys’s words may have struck more of a chord with him than we initially realized. Jon said the exact same thing back in season 5 to Mance Rayder when he refused to bend the knee for Stannis Baratheon. “You didn’t do it for power, you didn’t do it for glory; you brought them together to save them because none of them would survive the winter, not if they’re north of the Wall. Isn’t their survival more important than your pride?” “And what happens to your people?” he adds. “You preserve your dignity and die standing and they’ll sing songs about you. You’d rather burn than kneel – a great hero… until Winter comes and the White Walkers come for us all and there’s no-one left to sing.”
  2. In the end, Mance’s refusal to bend the knee gets him killed. Despite Mance’s best intentions, he still ended up dead, forcing Jon to take on the responsibility of attempting to rescue the Wildlings at Hardhome. It was there he witnessed firsthand how a king’s refusal to kneel can doom his people. That would still no doubt piss off Sansa and the Northmen, but it’d be within Jon’s character to screw himself over for the greater good. The only consolation is that if Dany holds this over Jon’s head to get him to submit, she comes off looking worse than he does.
  3. Even Robb Stark bend the knee to Renly Baratheon in exchange for his support. Robb clearly stated that he has no interest in the Iron Throne whatsoever. Maybe Jon could do the same.
  4. Moreover, not adhering to the demands of Dany could potentially have more immediate consequences. Lest we forget, this is the woman who threatened someone in her council (Varys) just one episode ago, saying that she would burn him alive if he betrayed her. She’s not one who has taken kindly to the opposition in the past, and that could again be the case. Even though Jon doesn’t know her entire backstory, it doesn’t take a great deal of discernment to figure out the potential cost of disobeying a Queen who controls three dragons.House Targaryen
  5. Dany might have lost most of her Westerosi allies, but she still commands the Dothraki, as well as the Unsullied along with three dragons. With the North’s depleted number of soldiers, the North could desperately use Dany’s help. Dany’s dragons, destructive as they are against the living, would be even more effective against the dead. Daenerys could help Jon fight this multi-front war. In fact, he may not be able to fight it without her.

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Why Jon Shouldn’t Bend The Knee

  1. As Joffrey angrily shrieked that he was the King, Tywin retorted that “Any man who must say ‘I am the king’ is no true king.” Regardless of the gendered noun there, this holds true for Queens as well. He was a cruel man, a deplorable father in many cases and overall just not a good person, but that sound bit of advice from the Lannister patriarch is one of many bits of wisdom that he relayed. The implication is simple: If someone is truly a ruler, the people will express that on their own. Dany isn’t about to proclaim her position to Jon. Instead, the Mother of Dragons expects that respect to be shown to her.
  2. He’s the King in the North currently, but his hold and power dissipate substantially if he essentially admits he’s serving another potential ruler. Considering how unpopular his decision to go to Dragonstone in the first place was in the North, having something like that take place would not be positive for Jon upon his return to Winterfell. Some of the Northern lords are old enough to remember to remember the reign of the Mad King and would likely be unwilling to kneel to his daughter. And with Bran back in Winterfell, should Jon decide to kneel to Daenerys, he could find his kingship isn’t as stable as it looks.House Targaryen
  3. He knows that Tyrion is in Dragonstone and serving Daenerys and that the two share a certain connection. If nothing else, he could at least hold hope that Tyrion would not allow Dany to harm him.

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We’ll just have to see whether they’re intended to make Jon a hypocrite, make him realize the necessity of teaming up with Daenerys of House Targaryen or just show how much he’s changed since he first tried to persuade Mance. Should Jon Snow (son of Rhegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark) bend the knee? Let us know in the comments below.

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