Did You Know About Stranger Things Characters That Are Overrated


Stranger things is an American science fiction series that first aired in the year 2016. Even though you can find a long list of the best Stranger Things episodes, there are many characters who were given more credit for their work than what they deserved. Here we have prepared a list of some of these most overrated Stranger Things characters. Let us take a look at these characters and the way they are hyped.

1. Barb:Stranger Things Characters

Certainly one of the most overrated Stranger Things characters has been Barb. Her role is that of an average boring nerd student which wasn’t actually required and was just absolutely lame.

2. Dustin:Stranger Things Characters

From the beginning of season 1, Dustin was one of the most annoying Stranger Things characters. It was his bad choices because of which the entire group used to get into trouble. He does give the show a few funny moments but other than that his role doesn’t have much of an importance.

3. Nancy:Stranger Things Characters

Nancy’s character was just given so much importance in the first and the second seasons of the show. She believes she is better than the other girls, which she is not. This attitude of hers leads to the death of her friend Barb.

4. Hopper:Stranger Things Characters

Although his character was alright in the first season, something just went terribly wrong in the second season of the show. He started to take awful decisions, like why Hopper let Bob go alone when they all are stuck in the Hawkins’s lab. Bob gets killed because of this. The guy is quite messed up in his personal life and struggles to do the right things in which he often fails.

5. Mike:Stranger Things Characters

Although Mike is seen as one of the main Stranger Things characters, he totally takes the interest away from other characters. He just keeps attacking Max the whole time who didn’t do anything wrong to him. He was with Will all the time but did not connect much with any of the other boys. Also in season 2, he doesn’t really do much and that makes him seem less significant. His character actually seemed quite irritating at times and wasn’t liked by the audience. He is definitely one of the overhyped ones.

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6. Will:Stranger Things Characters

His character didn’t have much to do in the first season. He is just weirdly possessed and fighting with a mind monster.

7. Eleven:Stranger Things Characters

Some of you might not agree to this but she is just an overhyped character. She is angry almost all the time in season 2 and when Hopper tries to help her she is ungrateful and rude. Yes, it is intense and thrilling at times, but no one likes a sour face every time! Also compared to the other characters her powers are quite average.

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So, these were the seven most overrated Stranger Things characters. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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