Less known Aamir Khan facts that will shock you


Aamir Khan’s acting, personality, and expressions make him a unique Bollywood star. From experimenting with stories to choosing unconventional roles, this talented superstar has done it all. You may get tired of reading about Aamir Khan; still, there is always room for more to read about him. We all are huge admirers of his craft and his courage to take on risks to play diverse characters.  He is also considered to be the game changer and trendsetter of Bollywood. Let us take a look at 20 Less known Aamir Khan facts.Aamir Khan facts

  1. The first of these Aamir Khan facts is related to his school life. Aamir Khan was pretty passionate about Lawn Tennis in his school days. He was actually a phenomenal tennis player.
  2. Aamir decided to become an actor against his father’s wish.
  3. He is not very fond of taking bath and tries to find an excuse to not take a bath when given a chance.
  4. Aamir rejected the script of Lagaan 6 times, but he loved the seventh edit so much that he decided to produce the movie himself!
  5. Whenever he sits for a narration of a script of a movie, he requests the directors to just narrate him the story without letting him know the character they would like him to play. After listening to the story, he expresses his desire to play the character he likes.
  6. He portrayed the younger version of Mahendra Sandhu’s character in the movie Yaadon Ki barat.
  7. He was the first actor to start a blog.
  8. Aamir Khan actually consumed one liter of vodka before shooting the song ‘Tere Ishq Mein Naachenge’ in the movie Raja Hindustani to deliver the scene as a drunk character.
  9. Aamir avoids attending award functions and refrains from public performances.
  10. He has one golden rule – Act only in one movie per year.
  11. Aamir Khan is a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes comic strip series.
  12. He acknowledges his OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder), that plays a key role in making him a perfectionist.
  13. His wife, Kiran Rao, has revealed that Aamir suffers from eating disorders.
  14. In the debut movie ‘Holi,’ you can see Aamir in a very short haircut. Just before shooting the movie, Aamir had shaved his head and had gone bald as a reaction after break up with his girlfriend then.
  15. He was offered to play the role of ‘Sid’ in Dil Chahta Hai. However, Aamir was excited by Aakash’s character and expressed his interest in playing that role.
  16. Raju Hirani wanted Aamir to play the role that Sharman Joshi played in 3 Idiots. However, Aamir was keen to play the character of ‘Rancho’ and rest is history!
  17. Aamir did not give any interviews to many tabloids and magazines for close to 10 years.
  18. Aamir is an expert at solving the Rubik’s cube real quick.
  19. Abul Kalam Azad, the famous freedom fighter is Aamir’s great grand uncle. One of those Aamir Khan facts that hardly anyone knows.
  20. In 2011, Khan was appointed the national brand ambassador of UNICEF to promote nutrition and raise awareness about child malnutrition.

So, now you know a little more about your favorite actor! Which one among these less known Aamir Khan facts shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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