List of Pretty Little Liars seasons ranked from best to worst


Each season of Pretty Little Liars has tons of episodes that the fans don’t forget. Although it is very difficult to decide which season is the best, this is a list of Pretty Little Liars seasons ranked from best to worst.

Season 7Pretty Little Liars seasons

This is the best season of Pretty Little Liars as it contains everything including mystery, thrill, drama, romance, and action. This is when the real game began. Almost all our questions were answered. There were many family secrets revealed which shocked us to our core. And most importantly we finally got to know who A.D. is for which fans have been waiting for quite a long time.

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Season 3Pretty Little Liars seasons

This is one of the best Pretty Little Liars seasons. Every episode has a thrilling experience like a rollercoaster.  Everything in this season was likable even the Finale.  This season has many memorable episodes like; “This is a Dark Ride”,  “The Kahn Game” and “It Happened That Night.” Some of the most impressive moments of this season that Alison’ grave was empty, Toby admitted to being a part of A-Team and Garrette was not a killer. Many more events make this season really very good.

Season 1Pretty Little Liars seasons

In this season, the leader of clique lost and the members are also apart from each other until they start receiving various threatening messages from an anonymous person named A. A was a suspect that he has killed the clique leader Alison.

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This season had some unforgettable episodes like The Perfect Storm, Monsters in the End and A Person of Interest. Emily finally gathered the courage to tell people that she is actually a lesbian. It was presumed that A is watching all the girls all time.

Season 2Pretty Little Liars seasons

This season shows that all the girls believed that Ian is still alive. They all are hiding their renewed relationship. When Ian is declared dead, a new mystery arises that who is this A. Some of the good episodes in this season are- Touched by An Angel, Never Letting Go and Breaking the Code. Some spooky moments in this season are when discovered Ian dead body with a fake suicide note, Emily came to know that Maya is dead, the fashion show sabotage etc.

Season 5Pretty Little Liars seasons

This season reveals that Alison is alive and all the girls are adjusting back to the normal life. But when Mona is killed then suspect is again Alison as A. After some time it was realized that some other person was helping her. Finally, this season ends up with the kidnapping of the girls trapped in a dollhouse. Some unforgettable episodes of this season are Bloody Hell, Miss Me x 100, and Scream for Me. This season also had some special moments like Aria kills Shana while saving her friends, Christmas ball with Alison and those four liars.

Season 6Pretty Little Liars seasons

After the kidnapping, somehow all the girls escape from the dollhouse. They also find another missing girl there. This season also has some significant episodes like- Of Late I Think of Rosewood, Game On Charles and Game Over, Charles. Some key moments with this seasons are finding missing girl Sara in the dollhouse, going for their prom although being banned and reveal of the real Charles.

Season 4Pretty Little Liars seasons

This is the weakest of all the seasons. In this season all the girls find out who the actual A is, after the death of their Detective Darren Wilden. They plan to catch A, but somehow A traps them and starts threatening them all for their lives. Some of the most unforgettable episodes are- A is for A-l-i-v-e, Under the Gun, and Bring down the Hoe.

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So, which of the Pretty Little Liars seasons is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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