Marshall Eriksen killed Tracy Mosby in How I Met Your Mother finale episode


This might not sound like a situation in a sitcom, but since that controversial How I Met Your Mother finale episode has aired, it isn’t appropriate to call How I Met Your Mother a sitcom anymore. As crazy as this theory might sound, I am pretty convinced that Marshall Eriksen killed Tracy Mosby in How I Met Your Mother finale episode.How I Met Your Mother finale episode

Season 7 Episode 17

It all started in this episode. Barney wakes up at Lily and Marshall’s house after taking the “drunk train” and becomes convinced that they have a sex tape hidden somewhere in their house. While searching for it, he finds a box of long-term bets they have been keeping, one of which involves Lily betting Marshall that Ted and Robin will never end up together. When Ted learns of the bet regarding his relationship with Robin and becomes upset with Lily, who forces Ted to consider why he hasn’t got back together with Robin in the past five years.

When Robin returns from Russia, she and Ted have the chance to re-examine their relationship. Ted picks her up at the airport, takes her to dinner at the Brooklyn bistro from the “Pilot” episode, and then home. He realizes that they aren’t going to work out and turns down Robin’s consolation that they still have an agreement to get married if they are both single at the age of 40. When Ted asks if Robin loves him, Robin admits that she doesn’t and feels comfortable with them being friends. Ted asks her to forget that the past week ever happened.

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When Marshall learns that Ted is giving up on the idea of being with Robin in any romantic context, he tells Robin that she should move out for Ted’s sake, which she agrees to do. Robin shortly thereafter moves out, leaving Ted alone on the roof of his apartment building. Sometime later, future Ted tells his children that getting closure on his relationship with Robin finally opened the possibility of meeting their mother. At their house, Lily becomes convinced that this is the definite end of Ted and Robin, asks Marshall to pay up on their bet. Echoing his words at Ted’s wedding to Stella, Marshall refuses every time Lily asks him for money, smiles and then says “Not yet”.

The way he said, “not yet” got me thinking. It seemed a way too creepy. It was like he knew that Ted and Stella’s relationship was doomed. Maybe he heard Stella talking to Tony about running away before. Otherwise what could have been the reason for Marshall being so sure? There was a dark side of him that the show has always tried to hide behind that big, goofy smile.How I Met Your Mother finale episode

When Stella left Ted at the altar, Ted didn’t have the guts to be in a serious relationship for a long time. Maybe, in the background, Marshall molded the circumstances leading to Ted’s confession to Robin. He didn’t wanna lose the bet after all! But to his disappointment, Robin refused. He didn’t lose hope even when Robin got married to Barney. But when Ted found Tracy, the one true love of his life, Marshall went crazy with the fear of losing the bet. He was a psychopath. Everybody has a dark side and this was his. All he wanted was to win that bet. So, he mercilessly put something like a slow poison in Tracy’s food to make her sick. Lily and Marshall were pretty close to Ted all along due to which he had easy access to their food. Tracy fell sick and died in the How I Met Your Mother finale episode. Ted told his kids the full story of his life. Marshall knew his kids pretty well too. He knew that they loved Robin. He assumed that if the kids knew about how Ted used to love their favorite aunt Robin, they would ask him to get back together with her, considering their mother has been dead for six years.

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So, what do you think of this theory? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. This is stupid. Marshall somehow knows that Ted and Robin really had a thing for each other. Aaaand, Marshall’s the kindest person to be a killer.

  2. Veethee Dixit do you realise that you where talking about marshal eriksen ted’s best friend and tell me where did you learn about this thing which is the stupidest thing I or any of HIMYM fans have ever heard. Marshal poisoned tracy just to win a bet hahahah you fricking kidding me. Tell me what where you high on before writng this stupid bullshit article. Marshal was that kind of a friend who would give his life away for Ted’s happiness. Saying Poisoned to win a bet. First go home watch the show and than talk about HIMYM.

  3. Only if you would’ve watched the last episode closely. When everybody gathered in bar, Marshall paid lily(right before he turns to the guy in the booth behind).
    Watch the episode again dude. If he was this ‘psychopath’ he wouldn’t have paid lily even then.

  4. Marshall, the most amazing person and Ted’s best friend, is such a sensitive and jolly person and this is what you think about him. You are a disgrace man!!! I’m not even sure he has a ‘dark side’ I don’t think that is is even possible.