Biggest Mistakes The Liars Made In Pretty Little Liars


Pretty little liars is all about mind games. No doubt the girls handle even the most dangerous situations with courage. But Hannah, Aria, Emily, Alison and even the smartest of them all- Spencer constantly make some pretty obvious and dumb mistakes that drag them into the vicious ‘A’ game again and again. Here is a list of some mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little Liars, which caused them some serious trouble.

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1. Keeping the Police in the Dark

mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little LiarsLiars feel like they constantly need to take things into their hands. Hiding big lies from the police is a significant risk everywhere, especially in a city like Rosewood. Instead of handing over Doctor Rollins to the police, they ran after him and ended up killing him. Always making a new mess!

2. Killing People

mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little LiarsA murder is a murder no matter what is the reason behind it. Whether they do it accidentally or in self-defense, they are bound to face trouble. This is another one of the mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little Liars but never accepted.

3. Keeping their mouth shut

mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little LiarsThis is the third time the liars are being tortured and framed by ‘A’ or ‘Uber A’ or ‘AD.’ Be it Mona, Cece or the brand new mysterious person; they never bother to tell anyone when they are getting blackmailed. It is understandable for the first time. They didn’t know what to do. But by the second time ( when Cece was ‘A’), they knew how much trouble this A person can cause them. And now they are dealing with Uber A all by themselves? This is just crazy!

4. Not creating Backups of Their Evidence

mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little LiarsEvery time the Liars find exactly what they need to prove their innocence, they hang on to the single copy of that important evidence, be it a flash drive, a file in a computer or a photograph. They always lose their crucial evidence before they can hand it to someone who can do something about it. If they insist on not turning it in right away (which also makes no sense), at least make multiple copies of it. Because it almost certainly will because by this time even the audience have realized that ‘A’ is not only one step ahead of them, liars are his puppets.

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5. Tampering with evidence

mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little LiarsHaven’t they watched Sherlock Holmes at all? Leaving their fingerprints, blood samples, DNA all over a crime scene is one of the biggest specialty of these liars. Remember the time that Hanna ran someone over with her car, buried him, and then went back and dug him up to make sure he was dead? They literally hit the jackpot of luck by not getting caught at all during the killing covering up and the double check!

6. Hiding about the Jenna thing

mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little LiarsThe ‘Jenna Thing’- seems so old and lost, doesn’t even matter now considering the liars are lost in the vicious trap of A. But think about it. If they confessed earlier about this thing, there wouldn’t be much to blackmail about in the first place. They lied about it because they were afraid to go to jail. Don’t even get me started on their prison trips after playing this game of hiding and seek for so long!

7. Coming back to Rosewood

mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little LiarsAll is well that ends well. When Cece got caught, everything went back to normal. They were enjoying their lives and were very successful till the day they got Alison’s letter. By this time they should all know that Rosewood isn’t the right place for them, but they returned to the cursed town anyway and got dragged into the A mess again. Why blame anyone else when you brought this on to yourself girls!

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Are there other mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little Liars TV show that you think should be on this list? Please comment below and let us know?

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