Moments When PLL Plot Just Disappointed the Fans


We all have absolutely loved all Pretty Little Liars seasons, but there have been times when the show was an absolute disappointment. There have been certain characters and storylines in the show that just make us irritated and annoyed. Although the show is amazing, we are going to mention ten moments when even the biggest fans thought that PLL plot was a total disappointment. [major reasons why fans hated Pretty Little Liars finale]

Ezra is not a nice personPLL Plot

He had a really weird relationship with Aria from the beginning itself and didn’t feel quite right at any point in time. There was no connection whatsoever. Ezra is just a bad person. He had hooked up with an underage girl Alison during his college years. He literally used four minor girls to get ahead in his writing career!

Alison Isn’t A Better Person Either

Alison, on the other hand, wasn’t a nice person as well. Not only was she a terror to Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria in high school she became even worse when she grew up. We are supposed to believe that her transformation after her death like incident fixes all her sins. Well, as Lucas said, “Dying doesn’t make you a saint.”

When Spencer Got Together With CalebPLL Plot

We all know that Spencer and Caleb’s relationship was just bad for the PLL plot. Caleb and Hanna’s relationship was very intimate and deep and that connection is what made them perfect for each other. If Hanna and Toby would have gotten together, Spencer would have become really angry. This PLL plot is just crazy!

Caleb’s HairstylePLL Plot

In the initial seasons, Caleb had long hair which used to look awesome on him, but it was a total disappointment when the look was changed and the hair was shortened in the later episodes of the series. Caleb looked way better with long hair which gave him a sexy gangster look!

The Big Reveals

After a number episodes with a buildup storyline, it was found out that one random character was made the big bad villain. But the reveal of “A” was really a huge disappointment. It was Charlotte. It could have been more interesting if it was Ezra or one of the liars.

Then in the later episodes of the series we came across Alex Drake, the adopted girl and Spencer’s evil twin who did not have a good upbringing which led her to go crazy. This is kind of a predictable PLL plot which is again a disappointment.

Hanna’s motherPLL Plot

Hanna’s mother Ashley was pretty much messed up herself. Expecting to raise a teen in a city like Rosewood is itself a challenge. It would have been so much better if the focus was more on the fact that how she and the other moms came out of the basement!

Aria Needs To Face The Consequences

Aria had murdered Shana and nobody really focused on that. Even though it was self-defense, there has got to e a trial!

The Show Doesn’t Make Sense

The show is filled with plot holes and is quite confusing at times. The focus on the show has become the one-liners and the hair flips, let’s just leave it to that.

WrenPLL Plot

Finally, we feel that Wren should have been half British and half Korean as this was his nationality in the novels. Plus, the way he died seemed a little unfair!

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So, what do you think of the PLL plot mistakes and senselessness? Let us know in the comments below.