Why Monica Geller from friends is the worst character ever


In the earlier seasons of FRIENDS, Monica Geller played by Courtney Cox was a fairly well-liked character for her compulsive cleanliness, competitiveness and neurotic ways. But because of what the writers thought the audience wanted, her quirks became her negatives. Monica Geller from friends often comes off like a petulant child.  While this provides the yuks for us on the other side of the television, imagine how awful it would be in reality. Let us take a look at why Monica Geller from friends is the worst character.

Monica Geller from friends

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  1. Babysitting can be tough. But when you accidentally hit your nephew’s head on the ceiling, your first thought shouldn’t be “How can I hide this from his father so that I don’t get in trouble?” but rather, “Hey, is my toddler nephew okay? He hit his head pretty hard, and I wouldn’t want him to be seriously injured.”
  2. Monica secretly wearing her future sister in law’s wedding gown around her apartment, just to boost her self-esteem is a pretty rude thing to do. It’s not your day, it’s not your dress, and it’s not about you!Monica Geller from friends
  3. There are instances where you can’t even help that woman clean, yet she complains you don’t help out.
  4. When she committed to Chandler, she became a control freak and completely unreasonable. At this point, Monica Geller from friends literally began to own him.
  5. Chandler doesn’t have a say in anything regarding their marriage. Recall the scene regarding choosing flowers Lily or roses. She looked at Chandler merely as “the guy I’m gonna marry who’s gonna pay for all this with his six-year savings”. It seemed like she didn’t wanna marry Chandler, she just wanted to be a bride.
  6. She even wanted to spend all of Chandler’s savings on her dream wedding and technically pressurized him until he yielded. Even when chandler told her about his dream of future and kids and how he wanted a cat and she insisted upon a dog.
  7. For instance, in the lottery episode, where she buys tickets for her and Chandler alone and says that if she loses all her friends if she wins with one of her tickets, she would buy friends and pay for their plastic surgery. That was mean and let us all admit, a little creepy.
  8. Let’s recall Phoebe’s rehearsal dinner. Here is her control freak side. By not letting Phoebe talk to anyone for more than 10 seconds, Scheduling bathroom breaks, eliminating Phoebe’s friends, changing the food, and the toast, where she signals Phoebe for taking too long when she was talking for hardly 10 seconds, she managed to make a drill out of a beautiful wedding. Even after that, she didn’t admit her mistake. When Ross asked her who the wedding was about, she said it was about her.

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  1. Not to mention when Chandler tried to do joey a favor and getting him an audition by going out with a girl and monica got upset and was like “you’re going out with a girl you once dated?!?” When she had lunch with Richard. And didnt even tell Chandler! He had to find out thru phoebe. And then she got all mad bc Chandler told her he couldn’t go out with Richard again. Ugh shes my least favor one. I hated her character