Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters You Should Know About


Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey and Chandler- They have given us a whole new definition of love and friendship. Every FRIENDS fanatic worships these six famous characters. But have you ever thought about some of the characters other than the above six and the role they played in making this show a huge blockbuster? Here we look upon some of the most lovable and underrated Friends characters


Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters - GunthurHis love for Rachel was unconditional. He kept loving her from the very beginning without expecting anything from her. I don’t think a guy can love a girl anymore.

I especially loved his reaction when he questioned Joey  ” Rachel ?” (when Joey confessed to Ross about his feelings for Rachel, and Gunther overheard)

When he said ‘ezel’ (meaning donkey ) to Ross in dutch. It was a perfect reaction of Gunther to Ross, as he practically hated Ross for dating Rachel.

His love confession to Rachael in the last episode is one of the cutest incidents of the show. When he told the guy who was gonna take Rachel to a date to get out by showing the board ” We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone ( S5E02)

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Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters - JaniceLike every other character in this list she had a unique character of her own. She was annoying for the friends though but was very humourous for the people watching the show. She made me laugh every time she said her patent line- “Oh my God!  in the highest possible pitch of her voice.

Ursula Buffay

Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters - Ursula BuffayUrsula was as weird as Phoebe but had an evil side to her. Basically, she was a criminally insane and immoral version to Phoebe. She was not brought back even for Phoebe’s wedding which was an injustice to her.

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Estelle Leonard

Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters - Estelle LeonardEstelle was Joey’s agent and was seen smoking in most of her scenes. She was a real bad agent. She even tried to sabotage Joey’s career as she completely forgot that he still worked for her.

Ugly Naked Guy

Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters - ugly naked guyHe is the least seen but still the most talked about character. Towards the end of the show, fans had a lot of questions about him in my mind. What does his face look like? Why is he always naked? What was so cute about his ugly naked body?

Paul Stevens 

Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters - Paul StevensThe way he brings out the comedic worst in Ross was the best part about Paul. And I still laugh when I think about the scene where Ross tells Paul, “I, too, am just a love machine.”

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Mike Hannigan

Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters - Mike HanniganMike is the perfect match for Phoebe. He seemed straight-laced but on the contrary, he’s as weird as Phoebe. During their wedding vows, he says that he loves her because she’s “so wonderfully weird”, these two words are the best possible description of Phoebe.

Pete Becker

Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters - Pete BeckerPete Becker is one of the most lovable and underrated Friends characters without any doubt. If you don’t remember, he’s the guy who played Monica’s billionaire boyfriend (played by Jon Favreau) who takes her for pizza date in Italy just to impress her.

Monica broke up with him when he decided to become the ultimate fighting champion as she couldn’t see him injured.

Carol and Susan

Most Lovable And Underrated Friends Characters - Carol and SusanEvery scene which featured them was hilarious. They brought lots of laughter with their entry. They are pretty much underrated.

Well let’s face it, the only character everyone cares about is 6 Friends. But without the above-mentioned characters, FRIENDS would have definitely felt incomplete.

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What do you think about these most lovable and underrated Friends characters? Should there be any other name in the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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