The Most Shocking PLL Theory Till Date: Emily Is AD


There have been a lot of PLL theories about who could be A.D or Uber A. Almost all the characters are under suspicion except the so called perfect Miss Fields! There are a lot of reasons for others to be the big villain. But this certainly doesn’t rule out the possibility of our sweet little Emily being AD. Let us examine why the “weak link” of the liars could be AD or at least secretly involved with the A team. Here are some possible reasons advocating this most shocking PLL theory about Emily –

1. People haven’t suspected her till now nor had the writer given any hint about this. This is one of the main reasons for Emily to be AD. After all, Marlene likes to blow the fans’ minds!

2. Alison always said that Emily was her favorite, but it’s no secret that Emily was growing tired of Alison’s on and off act by the time of her disappearance.

3. Alison pushed Emily too far. Alison loved to toy with her feelings. In several flashbacks, we have seen just how much this pull and push was breaking Emily emotionally. Everyone has a different way of reacting to emotional breakdowns- some suffer in silence, some take revenge! Maybe, Emily went on to seek revenge on Alison for the years of torment.

most shocking PLL theory4. Emily had written Ali a note stating exactly how she felt about being used. It’s another reason supporting the most shocking PLL theory about her being AD.

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5. When Lyndon trapped her in the top of the lighthouse, she proved that she is actually capable of murder.

most shocking PLL theory6. Why else would she remember herself holding a shovel and Alison pleading for help if she hadn’t had that somewhere inside her subconscious mind? In fact, in that flashback, she is wearing the same purple outfit that she was wearing the night that Ali disappeared.

most shocking PLL theory7. Her mother’s job at the Rosewood police department gave her easy access to stuff within the station as well as an alibi for why she may be in the police station. She could have easily tampered with evidence and could have known all future plans of the police.

8. Being on the swim team gives her both the strength to carry out AD tasks and also great excuses like swim meets, etc.

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9. It is a possibility that she wears that innocent, naïve front as a perfect cover for A-team action.

10. In season 4 episode 8, we learn that Emily is good with a power drill. Look at photos of her in Haiti before season 3. In season 4, we see A using a power drill in the DiLaurintis house.

most shocking PLL theory

most shocking PLL theory11. In season 4 episode 3, Hector says that her face can make a mask as good as Medusa. (Medusa is considered to be an evil woman who has snakes for her hair.) Remember when there was a snake found in Spencer;s dressing room? Maybe this all links up as a clue.

12. Take a look at the vodka on Emily’s drink cart. A drinks the same vodka.

most shocking PLL theory

most shocking PLL theory13. When Ezra was spying on the liars, Aria told them that he had a theory that one of them is A. Emily got really defensive when Aria said this.

14. In season 2 episode 25, when Mona took Spencer to the A layout, there was a Danby cup which belonged to Emily.

most shocking PLL theorySo, what do you think about this most shocking PLL theory? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Plus Emily had those niddles in the latest episodes her donating eggs is just a cover up i think Charlotte outed Emily in a way and only Em realized it and killed both Charlotte and sarah for it but had to wait til Charlotte was released from welbe Emily is the real A if not wouldn’t make scense

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