Must Watch TV Series For Every Pretty Little Liars Fan


Obsessed with Pretty Little Liars? Have you started missing the show already? But you don’t need to worry, here is a list of Must Watch TV Series which are similar to Pretty Little Liars in some way or other. Every PLL fan should give these a try.

Must Watch TV Series For Pretty Little Fans

1. RiverdaleMust Watch TV Series

This show is centered on a bunch of teenage students who try to cope up with a tragedy and the secrets which prevail in the town of Riverdale. The show has been a smash hit for CW with its second season all set to premiere this October.

2. The Vampire DiariesMust Watch TV Series

The Vampire Diaries is an amalgamation of PLL and some supernatural elements like Vampires and witches. Like PLL, The Vampire Diaries also has a villain which makes the show interesting to watch. TVD is a Must Watch TV Series For Every Pretty Little Liars Fan.

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3. RevengeMust Watch TV Series

In this show, a girl named Emily moves to Hamptons to seek vengeance from everyone who wronged and betrayed her father. Though the show is no more on-air its seasons are available on Netflix. The clues to the murders are hidden between scenes as in PLL.

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4. ScreamMust Watch TV Series

This show is based on the movie Scream and is a blend of teenage drama and horror. The show becomes interesting when a sequence of murders take place in the town. The show is centered on Emma Duval and her friends.

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5. 13 Reasons WhyMust Watch TV Series

Just like PLL, 13 reasons why starts after the death of a girl named Hanna at Liberty High School. But unlike PLL, Hanna is not a villain, instead, she wants to teach her mates a lesson on how drastic can the consequences of teenage bullying be. The show is based on Jay Usher’s novel in which Hanna illustrates the reason of her suicide over 13 tapes.

6. Famous in LoveMust Watch TV Series

Soon after the conclusion of PLL, Marlene King got indulged in the creation of Famous in Love. The show stars Bella Thorne who gets a big Hollywood break overnight. The entire season is available on the freeform app and the second season is yet to be renewed.

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7. How To Get Away With MurderMust Watch TV Series

This show revolves around a group of law students who try to cover up a murder with their professor. The first three seasons are available on Netflix with the fourth set to premiere.

8. ShadowhuntersMust Watch TV Series

This is a Freeform series which is based on the book “The Mortal Instruments”. The beings showcased in this series are born with angelic blood and are destined to protect the human beings from demons. The show also showcases creatures like vampires and werewolves. The first two seasons of the show are available on HULU and the third season is renewed by Freeform.

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So, what are you waiting for? Watch and let us know which one do you like the most among these Must Watch TV Series For Every Pretty Little Liars Fan.

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