Suggested New Year Resolutions For Kim Kardashian West


Love her or hate her, there is no denying the fact that Kim Kardashian West has grabbed a lot of attention over past few months, including being robbed at gunpoint in Paris in October and dealing with divorce rumors with rapper Kanye West. With all that has happened to her in 2016, we would like to suggest some new year resolutions for Kim Kardashian West to get her back on track.

Think before posting on social media

New Year Resolutions For Kim Kardashian WestWe know, Kim. What’s the point of a stunning selfie if it cannot go on Instagram, for the world to see? We sincerely hope that social media feeds of 2017 will be a lot less loaded with the Kardashian’s “assets.”

Opt for sporty separates

New Year Resolutions For Kim Kardashian WestBalmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, might be a close friend of Kim, but we’d rather see her running her day-to-day errands in joggers than in a body-hugging lace-up dress. In the middle of the day, the television star is far too often clad.

Ditch the thigh-high boots — Especially those toeless ones

New Year Resolutions For Kim Kardashian WestTo say that Kardashian is somewhat fond of over-the-knee boots would be an understatement. They appear more painful than attractive. Some, like the clear plastic thigh-high boots in her wardrobe, are just pointless. Let your legs breathe!

Adopt A Natural Beauty Mantra

New Year Resolutions For Kim Kardashian WestKardashian has undergone a lot in order to enhance unnatural beauty, we are confident that she is an ideal contender for the trend. It would be a big relief to skip the hours-long morning make-up ritual.

Don’t Mistake A T-shirt For A Dress

New Year Resolutions For Kim Kardashian WestBlessed with beautiful legs, Kardashian tends to sometimes confuse T-shirts for dresses. Now, girls who are a bit less curvy can sometimes pull off this look without it being obvious that the garment is, in fact, a T-shirt. But dear Kim, we know you made a conscious decision to keep the trousers at home.

Reel In The Back Arch — Especially When Posing For Photographs

New Year Resolutions For Kim Kardashian WestWhen she’s rocking up the dance floor at a nightclub, she has a tendency to drastically push her back inward, creating an unnatural arch in her back that unfortunately, so many naive fans are replicating. Stand straight, Kim!

New Year Calls For New Hair

New Year Resolutions For Kim Kardashian WestWhen Kardashian debuted blonde locks back in February, she caused a huge internet stir. The double dutch braided hairstyle looks great on her. Keep up with the hair changes as long as you don’t pull a Britney Spears circa 2007 shaved head!

Boycott Wretched Waist Trainers

New Year Resolutions For Kim Kardashian WestWith close to 100 M followers on Instagram alone, some of the Kardashian’s fans take extreme measures to emulate her — especially her hourglass body shape. With the whole Kardashian clan having super dangerous waist-trainer contraptions, many young women around the world have bought their own corsets online. Unfortunately, the side-effects include acid reflux, rib-bruising, and breathing difficulty.

Being so much in the spotlight is a great deal of responsibility, especially when millions of people are blindly imitating you. It becomes a necessity for these stars, to avoid conveying the wrong message to their fans.

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What do you think of these new year resolutions for Kim Kardashian West? Let us know in the comments below.