PLL Funny Moments: Ridiculous Things That Can Happen Only In Rosewood


Pretty Little Liars has had its fair share of mystery and ridiculous plot holes over the years. Some of them are so insane that it will convince you that such things only happen in Rosewood. Even if you’re a diehard Pretty Little Liars fan, you have to admit that sometimes things in Rosewood just go a step too far. Let us take a look at the PLL Funny Moments where things got too exaggerated!Pretty Little Liars

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  1. Ashley Marin Hanging Out With A Child Ghost? We never got an explanation for the girl Ashley hung out with in one Halloween episode, but from what it seems, we’re pretty sure she was a ghost. Hanna literally had a ghost just hanging out in her home on Halloween and they never bothered to address it. PLL Funny Moments

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  2. ‘A’ Leaving A Message In Hanna’s Tooth- It is ridiculous that “A” would be able to catch Hanna during a dentist appointment, drug her, and put a message in her tooth without any dentist noticing.
  3. We get it, CeCe was a genius, but what about the local planning and zoning committees? The money involved! The construction process! The space required for the dollhouse!PLL Funny Moments
  4. Radley Patients On The Roof- Bravo, Radley Sanitarium! Cheers to the policy of letting murderous and suicidal mental patients roam around the rooftop! 
  5. Bethany and Charlotte are the same age as Wilden, but it has been stated before that Wilden was paid off to cover up Marion’s death. How on Earth did Wilden cover up Marion’s (Toby’s mother) death if he is of similar age to Charlotte? Wouldn’t that make him a kid or a teenager at the time she died?PLL Unanswered Questions
  6. Jessica Buried Ali Alive. Tragic as well as one of the many PLL Funny Moments. She didn’t even check her daughter’s pulse before deciding to bury her. Wow! PLL Funny MomentsAlso readReasons why Caleb should have been A.D
  7. Noel’s head was chopped off with an axe, and there was absolutely no investigation or follow-up about it.
  8. Moreover, Noel’s intentions to torture the girls were never mentioned. 
  9. Toby somehow managed became a policeman overnight, even though he had a criminal record. Kudos, Rosewood PD!
  10. The girls always changed in front of an open window and blamed perverts when they looked at them or secretly videotaped them.
  11. Mrs. Grunwald, a psychic, sensed where Alison had been buried alive and came to save her. Who was Ali to her, anyway? And what was up with all the magic? Moreover, if Mrs. Grunwald was a witch, she should have performed a locator spell to find who Uber A was!
  12. A put tracking chips in the girls’ necks and the girls dug into each other with scalpels to pull them out. Why are the students of medical school even working so hard? Any major surgery in Rosewood? Call the liars!
  13. The Liars once used an ouija board to contact Alison and someone spoke to them from beyond the grave. Since Ali was actually alive the whole time, what was that all about?
  14. Ezra got shot but lived. Caleb got shot but lived. Ian was thrown from the bell tower but lived. Meanwhile, Shana got thrown off a stage and died!PLL Funny Moments
  15. Hanna went to a farm and found a little girl who had doll replicas of all the girls, but they never mentioned it again.
  16. Ali became a teacher despite missing years of her high school and spending quite some time on the run after faking her own death.

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Unusual Facts About Pretty Little LiarsSo, which of these PLL Funny Moments make you laugh the hardest? Let s know in the comments below.

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