PLL Theory: Proofs That Spencer Has A Twin


We all know that PLL Season 7 finale has left us in awe. There are so many questions apart from who is A.D running in our minds. Spencer having a twin or not is one of them. Although, it could be exactly what the writers want us all to think. After all, is not the biggest twist the one you never see coming? Let’s cut the long story short and check proofs that suggest why Spencer has a twin-

The Ruffled Dress In The Promo

Spencer has a twinDoes it look familiar? That’s because Troian is wearing it in the PLL poster. This could just be a case of a body double rocking the same outfit or it could be a purposeful clue.

Extra spotted

Spencer has a twinAnother fact suggesting Spencer has a twin is this familiar looking extra who was spotted hiding in the corner of one of the set photos. She’s not wearing the same clothes as Spencer in the scene but sometimes you just have to let your imagination get wild.


Spencer has a twinSpencer is just singing the same lullaby to Hanna in that frightening chamber as Mona did when she was trapped in the dollhouse. Also, Mary Drake sang this when Spencer (perhaps) was shot. Need anymore sign about whether Spencer has a twin or not?

Those Twin Comments

Spencer has a twinWhile having tea with Spencer in 7×01, Mary mentioned how Spencer and Melissa look so much alike they could be twins. In episode 4×23, Veronica Hastings said: “It was as if there were two of you living in this house: the Spencer we recognized and your evil twin, and we never knew which one was coming down to breakfast.” Perhaps there was some truth to her statement.

Hanna’s Subconscious mind

Spencer has a twinSpencer refers to Uber A as “A.D.” in the dream. The Liars receive the text with the name A.D. attached after Hanna is kidnapped. How would Hanna’s subconscious know to call Uber A by this name if she’s never heard this new A referred to A.D. before? Another sign that suggests Spencer has a twin.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Spencer has a twinSpencer has uttered the phrase, “I hide in plain sight” twice over the past couple episodes. Could it be a hint?

Creepy Dancer

Spencer has a twinThis one fascinated me the most. In Season 6, Spencer had a dream that took place in an abandoned Radley. The only two people in the scene were she and a creepy dancer. It could be thought of a clue that Spencer had spent time at Radley as a child. Spencer and creepy Dancer definitely resemble one another. What if Spencer subconsciously remembers that she has a twin? And, if her twin was in Radley as a child, that would be a reason for the Hastings to hide or disown the child due to their concern with their reputation. Peter Hastings’ interest in closing down Radley is highly suspicious.

Dream Sequences

Spencer has a twinSpencer appears to Hanna in a dream. But, did this interaction actually take place inside Hanna’s mind? Because there was no evidence whatsoever, like the change in color or lighting to indicate that this was imaginary and the show has a history of dream sequences that turn out to be real.

The Bangs

Spencer has a twinHere is another reason suggesting that Spencer has a twin. We all know that the Liars grew up. But, Spencer’s bangs just seem something else. But still, we can’t help but wonder if this makeover is just another lady’s hairstyle. Moreover, when Spencer appeared in Uber A’s torture chamber to console Hanna, the hair over her forehead mysteriously vanished.

Hastings Family Secrets

Spencer has a twin“Never turn your back on Hastings.” Peter, Veronica, and Melissa always have tons of hidden secrets. We can call it a family trend.

As Mary told Hanna, “sometimes secrets are people” and it won’t be a surprise if that’s the case for the Hastings family.

Do you think Spencer has a twin? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box.

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