PLL Unanswered Questions: Even The Finale Didn’t Answer These Burning Questions


It has been quite a few months since the PLL finale was aired. The show was a suspense thriller full of mysteries. But what good is a mystery that is left unsolved? No doubt, Pretty Little Liars was one of the best shows ever, but Marlene definitely should have paid more attention to the details. So, let us take a look at some of the PLL unanswered questions.

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  1. In the flashback to Marion’s death – she is pushed off the roof by Bethany Young who was 12 years old at that time. Bethany and Charlotte are the same age as Wilden, but it has been stated before that Wilden was paid off to cover up Marion’s death. How on Earth did Wilden cover up Marion’s (Toby’s mother) death if he is of similar age to Charlotte? Wouldn’t that make him a kid or a teenager at the time she died? This indeed one of the weirdest PLL Unanswered Questions.PLL Unanswered Questions

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  2. Why was Bethany Young wearing Alison’s bracelet when she was killed?PLL Unanswered Questions
  3. What was Noel Kahn’s actual motive behind torturing his High School buddies?
  4. Was there even a connection between Charlotte and Sara? If no, why the hell did Sara decide to work for her? Just to torture strangers? Doesn’t make sense.
  5. Why did Charlotte need a visitor’s pass to visit Mona if she was already a patient at The Radley?PLL Unanswered Questions

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  6. How did Charlotte manage to go to Cape May if she was a patient at Radley?PLL Unanswered Questions
  7. Why did Jessica DiLaurentis never opposed Jason and Charlotte dating? What kind of a mother was she, promoting incest between her own children?
  8. Eddie Lamb knew a lot of stuff. Fans never got to know what actually happened to him.
  9. What did the braille message to Jenna mean when A.D. captured her after the whole catastrophic incident at the School of Blind?
  10. The police confiscated the liars’ phones, so Spencer got them burner phones. Ali then received a call from Detective Tanner after they had found out that Aria was working for A.D. How did Tanner get Ali’s burner phone number? PLL Unanswered QuestionsAlso read: Reasons why Caleb should have been A.D
  11. What was really in the barrel in that creepy storage unit? It wasn’t Mona, we know that for sure now!
  12. Who was the mysterious blonde girl in Maya’s room? In the pilot, Spencer looks toward Maya’s house after receiving a text from ‘A’ and sees a blonde girl walking in the bedroom. Ali is missing at that time, Charlotte D has run away, and Bethany is dead.
  13. Who were all the fake ‘A’s in black hoodies that encircled the liars in New York?
  14. Why did Eddie recognize Aria? If Aria would have been A.D, perhaps we would have had an answer by now. But since A.D turned out to be someone completely different, what was that Aria-Eddie moment all about?
  15. In flashback scenes of Toby with his mother, he is a teenager. But, if Marion died while Charlotte and Bethany were 12, that would make Toby about 9 or 10 years maximum.
  16. We know that A.D used Wren’s sperm and Emily’s eggs to impregnate Alison, but why? Was it just to save the lesbian couple a trip to the adoption agency? How kind of A.D!
  17. Why was Elliot Rollins hiding his British accent?
  18. What was the significance of the game? A.D disappeared for like a year after the game was over.
  19. What was actually the role of Bethany? What was the need of showing that character at all?
  20. Where was Mike Montgomery when all this chaos was happening?
  21. Will there be an Addison spinoff?
  22. And one of the most burning PLL unanswered questions! Who was the beach hottie? Was it Wildon? We never got a sure answer.

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So, which of these PLL unanswered questions bother you the most? Any assumptions? Let us know in the comments below.

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