Pretty Little Liars who is AD: Melissa is Uber A


As Season 7B comes closer, the fans are even more desperate to find out who is AD or who is Uber A.. Almost all the characters are under suspicion now. Could Spencer’s sister be any more sketchy? Those Hastings are really shady. She always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are lots of clues regarding why she would be Uber A, and if she’s not AD, she is definitely a part of the team. Let us look at some of the points related to the Pretty Little Liars who is AD theory about Melissa being the big villain.

Pretty Little Liars who is AD

  1. In 6×13, we see Uber A ordering uniforms that was also the first episode we saw Melissa in the time skip. And in 6×14 Uber A was wearing the costumes and in action.
  2. Charlotte was killed in the Season 6 episode “Of Late, I Think Of Rosewood” but the Liars didn’t receive any threatening texts until two episodes later when Melissa made her first appearance of the season.
  3. In season 7 keep on mentioning how Spencer and Melissa look so much alike and that they could be twins. Spoilers had made it clear that the whole Uber A theory revolved around twins.
  4. In season 5B of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer went to London, to visit Oxford, and Melissa was in London at that time. When Spencer had her interview with the guy, blood spilled everywhere from her purse. How would the blood get there, if A was back in rosewood, and Spencer obviously went through airport security? Maybe Melissa is Uber A.
    Pretty Little Liars who is AD
  5. When Hanna was taken by A.D she had a dream about Spencer telling her “If there was a way in there is always a way out”. We have found out in the series so far that Uber A is very good at making masks and that it might not have been a dream and the Spencer look-alike was actually Melissa. That doesn’t make sense until Melissa is AD.
  6. It seems possible that Melissa is working with Mary Drake. They both flew from London to Philadelphia around the same time (shortly before Charlotte’s murder).
  7. Emily eggs were stolen, in season 6B. Melissa has faked a pregnancy once; maybe she was obsessed with babies.
  8. Uber A wants to find who killed Charlotte. Melissa was friends with Charlotte. They did everything together, like spending summer together, going to UPenn together. Wren even gave Melissa a visitor’s pass into Radley. Maybe Melissa is heartbroken, that Charlotte is dead and her friend was taken away from her.Pretty Little Liars who is AD

So, what do you think about this Pretty Little Liars who is AD theory about Melissa being the big villain? Let us know in the comments below.


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