Pretty Little Liars plot holes and unnoticed mistakes


Pretty Little Liars is a strange place where you’re not sure what’s real anymore. The show has given us amazing twists and brain teasers in every single episode. But that doesn’t mean it is completely free of mistakes.

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Here are 10 major plot holes we are still upset about. Hopefully, there’s more to the story! Let us take a look at these annoying Pretty Little Liars plot holes.

  1. How could Mrs. D just bury Alison without even checking her pulse? I have an even harder time accepting that neither one realized Ali wasn’t dead.
  2. Since CeCe was there while Mrs. D was burying Ali, wouldn’t Ali have seen CeCe then? I know she couldn’t move, but clearly, she saw her own mother burying her, and thought CeCe was just a few feet away at the time.Pretty Little Liars plot holes
  3. CeCe sent a video Of Mrs. D being buried To Ali. Ali gets a video message with an accompanying text that reads, “I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you. — A.” So if A is CeCe, and CeCe loved both her mom and Alison, why would she have taken this video and then sent it to her precious little sister? One of the most baffling Pretty Little Liars mistakes!Pretty Little Liars plot holes
  4. In a flashback, we see Mrs. D furious to learn that the person who checked herself into Radley was CeCe pretending to be Alison. How did CeCe check herself into Radley, when she was already in Radley?
  5. After Alison was pulled out of the grave by Mrs. Grunwald, how was there still a hole to bury Bethany into? Mrs. Grunwald did not dig her out of the grave.
  6. Marion’s death is the worst IMO. CeCe was Charlotte in 2005 and Toby said that Marion died in 2007. So how was Charles there? Either Toby doesn’t know when his mom died or CeCe made that story up which the writers swear isn’t the case!
  7. If Charlotte was a child when Bethany pushed Marion off of the roof at Radley, then why is her younger sister, Alison, seen as a teen in this flashback with a very much alive Marion? Executive producer I. Marlene King tweeted that the original actors were only chosen to play them because flashbacks are an “interpretive memory?” So a five-year-old Alison seductively said to Toby, “I know you want to kiss me!” Are you serious? That is one of the sickest PLL plot holes.
  8. This is one of the biggest Pretty Little Liars plot holes. Why didn’t Charlotte just confess everything to Alison? Ali was already her friend and would have gladly spent time with her. She didn’t have to do these elaborate schemes to reunite with her sister.
  9. We’re lead to believe that A knew a lot about medical stuff. Remember that time CeCe planted a tiny piece of paper in Hanna’s tooth? What about the tracking chips implanted in the Liars? All of the bones and other things A has sent the Liars? I know that CeCe is smart enough to get into UPenn and everything, but it doesn’t seem like she studied any form of medicine.
  10. Wilden looked like a young rookie cop when Mrs. D paid him off and he took Cece back to Radley.  However, he was supposed to be the one that filed the report about Marion’s death.  If Charles was only 12 when Marion died, how old is Wilden suppose to be?

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For a show as perfect as PLL, these kinds of plot holes are really annoying for the fans. So, what do you think of these Pretty Little Liars plot holes? Let us know in the comments below.

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