Pretty Little Liars Saddest Moments You Should Take A Look At


The Pretty Little Liars inter-premiere really pulled the heartstrings. Many of us literally grew up watching this show. Since the end of PLL is near, it is bound to bring a lot of memories back to life. This show has made us smile and cry at the same time. There are the times when PLL shocked us to our core, and there are some that broke out hearts over and over again. Here is a list of PLL saddest moments that cause fans to tear up every time they watch them.

  1. When Spencer cried outside Toby’s door

Pretty little Liars, Spencer, Toby

Remember the time in Pretty Little Liars when we all were made to believe that Toby was involved with the A team? When Troian cries, we cry. We got a MARVELLOUS piece of acting from her. She captured the essence of a heartbroken teenage girl just crying her heart out. She was ugly-crying non-stop for the last 5-6 minutes of the episode, and every second of it was just flawless acting on her part. She demanded answers outside Toby’s door while Mona was inside eating their anniversary dinner. That was pretty heart wrenching to watch, especially for Spoby shippers!

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  1. Maya’s death in Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars, Emily, Maya's death

Our hearts still clench at the mere mention of this Pretty Little Liars Season 2-ending. If you remember the exact scene you might start to tear up. When Maya died, it broke our hearts into a million tiny pieces. Moreover, the song ‘suggestions’ that played in that scene still gives Goosebumps. Fans could really feel Emily’s world turning upside down. The memory of Emily breaking down in her friends’ arms still haunts us.

  1. When Aria confronted Ezra

When Aria confronted Ezra on Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale really put everything into this scene. She is an impressive crier. Aria, panicked and overwhelmed, confronted Ezra on a ski lift about all of the lies he’s told her over the years. Ezra betrayed her trust and broke her heart. This one really devastated Ezria fans.

  1. When Caleb left for California

Caleb left for California in Pretty Little Liars

Let us refresh this scene for you. Caleb stops by Hanna’s house to tell Hanna that he has talked to his estranged mother and she wants him to come visit her in California. She was happy that Caleb had reconnected with his mother even if that meant he was going to be a thousand miles away.

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  1. When Caleb went back to Ravenswood

Caleb left for Ravenswood in Pretty Little Liars

Poor Hanna! The thought of Caleb leaving Hanna is unimaginable for us. Think about how devastating it must have been for her when Caleb left her to go to Ravenswood. Moreover, when she thought he left her for some other girl! Ouch!

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So, what do you think is the saddest moment of all in Pretty Little Liars? Let us know in the comments below.


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