Pretty Little Liars Theory- Maya from Pretty Little Liars is alive


Hasn’t Maya from Pretty Little Liars always been a shady character? But why bring this up now? Well, considering the rate at which secrets are cracking open on PLL we are in no position to rule out even the dead (as we know till now) from the big picture. It’s safe to say that viewers can’t assume anyone is dead on this show. Maya showing up at this point would, of course, be just in time to seriously creep out the girls and seriously throw a wrench into Paige, Emily’s and Ali’s already rocky Pretty Little Liars love triangle. Let us look at some reasons as to why Maya from Pretty Little Liars might be alive.

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Maya from Pretty Little Liars

  1. Before Maya’s apparent death, she sent some messages to Emily. She told Em that she was trying to “figure a way out of the mess I’ve got myself into” and that, though she knew her stalker was in town, “this is not about him.” Could Maya have been worried about someone other than Nate? Is there a chance she succeeded in getting away before that danger came for her?
  2. The night Maya’s body was “found,” Mrs. Fields told Emily that they “thought” it was Maya — we, the viewers, never received any ocular proof of whose body was in that grave. I think this rings a bell! Remember how that went when they found “Ali’s body” back in Season 1? Also, we were all convinced that Mona died a vicious and bloody death when she was really just being held captive.Maya from Pretty Little Liars

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  3. In 3×24 Toby saw someone that looked like Maya but someone hit him before he could see anything clearly.
  4. Maya could also be on the A team. Picture this: Maya only got close enough to Emily to mess with her mind and infiltrate the liars, and then she bailed maybe to spy on the liars from a distance.
  5. We also know that Nate/Lyndon James didn’t actually confess to murdering Maya so there is no evidence that someone did actually kill her.
  6. Way back in Season 3, Mona gave Hanna and Aria a coded message: “Maya knew.” “Not safe.” This was after Mona’s death and while Mona was at Radley, but still on the “A” Team. Taken together, these clues imply that Maya knew it wasn’t safe and took action against whatever threat she foresaw.
  7. Now, here comes the biggest clue! Marlene King once posted on her Instagram “PLL Spoiler- Maya is alive” before quickly deleting it.
  8. Nate said that he is Maya’s cousin and there was a funeral for Maya attended only by family members. Well, maybe there wasn’t a funeral at all considering the source of this news.Maya from Pretty Little Liars

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So, what do you think about this Pretty Little Liars Theory? Is Maya from Pretty Little Liars alive? Let us know in the comments below.

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