Pretty Little Liars Theory: 11 Reasons why Paige is AD


Is anybody else alarmed by Paige’s sudden return in Season 7 of Pretty little liars? The Season 7A has left us with a few intriguing options. Right now, we have our eye on Paige McCullers (Lindsey Shaw). Paige blends right into so many atmospheres that it would be super easy for her to gather the information that she needs without wearing a disguise or raising any eyebrows. I know this Pretty Little Liars Theory won’t be going well with the Paily shippers but it is something that must be explored. Here are a few reasons for believing that Paige is AD or Paige is Uber A.

  1. There have been speculations that this jealousy could be a sign that Paige is A.D. In season 7 Episode 8, we learned that Emily and Paige lived together at Stanford, but broke up three years ago, after Emily’s father died and she subsequently pulled away from Paige. But later that night, we saw Paige look in on Emily and Sabrina’s date and she did NOT look too pleased.Pretty Little Liars Theory
  2. In the same episode, Paige was FURIOUS that Emily had stayed over at Alison’s. This was a bit of an overreaction! Is her jealousy just normal feelings for an ex to have or could it actually be a sign of something more serious?
  3. When asked to give a hint about the Halloween episode, Marlene tweeted a series of three lightning bolt emojis followed by three kissy lips. In the Season 5 summer finale, Paige’s shirt was covered in lips. Clue or coincidence?
  4. Paige had just as much justification as Mona did for wanting to become A. She was bullied by Alison and desperately wanted her to be harmed. Paige told Alison herself that she wanted her to disappear and didn’t care what happened to her. It’s clear she still hates Alison, and from Season 7 we get that she’s not too happy with Emily either.Pretty Little Liars Theory
  5. Paige has an athletic build to her. A lot of the stunts that A has pulled have required strength and agility, both of which Paige would have as a swimmer. Her being a swimmer also gives her motive for a lot of the absences that she would have to incur in order to pull off some of the A stunts.
  6. Alison called her Pigskin. Have you noticed some of the pig references? Dead pig in the trunk, pig frosted cupcakes Hanna had to eat,”Whos leaving who you pig” note, stuffed animals, etc.
  7. Remember when Paige saved Spencer that Halloween episode when they were on the train? Maybe she did that to gain Spencer’s trust.
  8. Paige is going after the Swim Coach job at Rosewood High maybe because she has other motives to live in Rosewood.
  9. We can’t lose sight of the fact that Paige did try to drown Emily once in the school pool.
  10. She’s been associated with Lucas, Melissa, and Mona who are all not so innocent characters.
  11. Paige had actually physically assaulted Alison. There is no way that this bruise can in any way have been caused by an accident on the part of Paige. This was done deliberately. Another fact supporting this Pretty Little Liars theory.Pretty Little Liars Theory

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What do you guys think of this Pretty Little Liars Theory? Is she guilty or is it all a big coincidence? Let us know in the comments below.

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