Pretty Little Liars Theory: Reasons Why Aria Could Be ‘AD’


I know that most of the PLL fans were dissatisfied when Cece Drake was declared as ‘A’ in season 6. None of it made any sense and left too many questions and loose ends, it was an insult to the fandom. This raises the question- “Was Cece really A?” How can they keep the fans in suspense for such a long time and bum out the viewers during the final reveal?

I’ve been thinking a lot about certain parts of Aria’s character lately that makes me feel that she could be ‘AD.’ According to me, this theory is more than plausible. This would be the perfect ending for the show. If Aria turns out to be AD according to this theory, fans will literally forgive the part where Cece was declared to be A.

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These are the reasons why I think Aria could be AD.

  1. The girls only began receiving text messages from ‘A’ after Aria returned from Iceland.

Pretty Little Liars Theory2. A lot of those messages have been written on a typewriter and Aria has easy access to Ezra’s typewriter.

Pretty Little Liars Theory3. In season 1 episode 17 she says- “You will be surprised what people are capable of”. Was she referring to herself?

Pretty Little Liars Theory4. I have noticed something weird about the ‘pig’ thing. Aria has a toy pig. Hannah had to eat the pig cupcakes. There was also a dead pig in Wildon’s trunk.

Pretty Little Liars Theory5. Mona once referred to Aria as ‘Big A’. Marlene King practically gave it away when he replied to Natasha Perkin’s tweet by “#Big A” when she asked for a hint.

Pretty Little Liars Theory6. Marlene King tweeted: Aria’s dress had a very important meaning- ‘black swan’. (Red is the new Black!)

Pretty Little Liars Theory7. All the other girls say that Aria is the best liar.

Pretty Little Liars Theory8. Aria is shown with a variety of phones throughout the series.

Pretty Little Liars Theory9. In season 2 episode 3 “My Name is trouble” Aria is the only one asked about her name.

Pretty Little Liars Theory10. Eddie Lamb Recognized Her. Remember back in season 5 when Aria volunteers at Radley? Our favorite orderly, Eddie Lamb, definitely recognized her from somewhere, and Aria definitely knew where that was from. Only the funny thing is, we’ve never seen Aria and Eddie share a scene together before this. Why would Eddie know who she is? Maybe because she herself was a patient at Radley once before.

Pretty Little Liars Theory11. Remember the time when mike started breaking into people’s houses to steal stuff? Byron Montgomery (Mike and Aria’s father) said that he was afraid that mike will end up like his brother Scott who apparently suffered from a mental disorder.

Pretty Little Liars Theory12. We still don’t know what she whispered to Mona that time in the theater, but whatever it was must have been pretty nasty. And don’t forget that she seemed to be inspired by a woman being choked on the screen.

Pretty Little Liars Theory13 Originally in 5×25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse” liars are trapped in the unknown place, built by Big A ( Cece ) and they are tortured by her but I don’t think all of you realized this tiny little clue. Well, let’s start with main. What did girls go through? Spencer is waking up in her own room with a bloody t-shirt and “A” is trying to frame her for hurting someone. The others are looking pretty hurt but when we saw Aria with her hair dye that was just ridiculous because I don’t think that was something you should hurt someone with.

Pretty Little Liars Theory14. If you watch this scene at the end you’ll see that everyone enters their room but Aria is still standing there looking at other girls and waiting for them to get in rooms. After she sees that everyone entered, she has this “okay everything’s good” face and finally enters her room.

Pretty Little Liars Theory15. Why Mona choose Aria as a killer in her speech when she was talking in code at Hanna. MISS ARIA YOU ARE KILLER NOT EZRAS WIFE.

Pretty Little Liars Theory16. Another weird moment that occurred in “UnmAsked” was when Aria was literally unmasked by none other than Ezra at the dance. Other than Aria, the only other person unmasked was Ezra, does this indicate that they are in “A” team together. Mere coincidence?

Pretty Little Liars Theory17. Aria never really has that many run-ins with “AD.” Not nearly as dangerous, life altering, and terrifying as her friends do. Now of course “AD” has messed with Aria here and there, “A” told Ella about Aria’s knowledge of Byron’s affair, and Ella was stung by bees. But when compared to the things, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer, have endured, Aria is sitting pretty. Hanna’s mom almost went to jail for real, Mrs. Fields almost ran over in her own house, Spencer went insane, saw her dead boyfriend, and then ended up in a psych ward and Emily almost got chopped in half.

18. “You’ll see a dark side of Aria,” Lucy told this about the new Aria making her way out in the upcoming 10 final episodes.

“I was so excited because they finally gave Aria something really dark to do. So these last 10 episodes are my favorite, at least for Aria. You get to see a not so nice side of her,” Hale added.

“Not nice” in this case means she might definitely turn against her core group of friends.

 “She may or may not betray her friends. So it was cool to get to do something a little different,” she said.

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What do you think about Aria? Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section.

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