Pretty Little Liars Theory Who is Uber A: 10 reasons why Hanna is AD


Throughout the history of villains in Pretty Little Liars Uber A or AD is the smartest of all the As, the most intense of all the As, the most driven to win the game. At this point, we can’t spare anyone out of the suspect list when we think- ‘Who is Uber A’. Even pretty little Hanna Marin. Let us take a look at this Pretty Little Liars Theory that explains 10 reasons why Hanna is AD.

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  1. Hanna has the most motive to hate Ali and the other liars because they just stood by as she was getting picked on for being overweight.Who is Uber A
  2.  In 2×24, we find that Hanna’s phone is set to record every time it is turned on – well, that’s a great feature to listen in on people.
  3. First reason for Hanna to be AD is that all the girls have considered Spencer as the smart one and Hanna as the dumb and stupid one. She could have become the big villain in order to prove that she is the smartest among all.
  4. In Season 5, Hanna had a bit of a drinking problem. Apparently, she and A have been shown to drink the same vodka.
  5. Hanna always defended Mona despite all the bad stuff she did to her and her friends. There might be a bigger reason than just the old bond of friendship. From visiting her in Mona behind everyone’s back to defending her former BFF in conversations with the other liars, there is something strange about her fierce loyalty to the original A.  She could have been assisting Mona and wanted to make sure that despite Mona being sent to the looney bin, she would keep her lips sealed about Hanna’s involvement with the A team.Who is Uber ARelated: Pretty Little Liars Theory: 11 Reasons why Paige is AD
  6.  Some of the things that Hanna brought into Radley (and “accidentally” left there) ended up being tools that Mona used to get around the sanitarium.
  7. In Season 4 Episode 24, Hanna had the prime opportunity to shoot the black-hooded figure everyone assumed was ‘A’ in disguise. But what if it was Hanna’s accomplice?
  8. Marlene King said, “Many people have already guessed who A is, but they haven’t correctly stated why.” She added that A may even be someone’s twin. What if Hanna’s mom couldn’t take care of two girls and gave one of them up for adoption? What if that secret twin is Ali and Hanna somehow knows the truth?
  9.  She has a knack for attracting bad company. Mona, Lucas, and Wren. Need I go further regarding who is Uber A? Hanna has some seriously suspicious friends.
  10. The storage unit that might have contained Mona’s body turned out to be under Hanna’s name. Frame job, or is it under her name because she actually is the mastermind?

Who is Uber A

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So, what do you think? Who is Uber A or who is AD? Is Hefty Hanna playing the Hanna Marin Style? Let us know in the comments below. Also check out another main character PLL Theory: Aria is AD.


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