Pretty Little Liars Theory: 7 things that will make you believe Veronica Hastings killed Jessica DiLaurentis


As the Pretty Little Liars finale is coming closer day by day, the fans are getting more and more impatient. Everyone wants to know who Uber A is or who is A.D. Well, that is still the biggest mystery but we are definitely not gonna get to know the big reveal before Pretty Little Liars series finale. There are still plenty of questions for the series to answer. In fact, one of the biggest questions fans had all season long was left a total mystery- Who exactly killed Jessica DiLaurentis? Of course, we are considering that she is really dead because, in PLL, the dead doesn’t necessarily remain dead. We still have no clue who killed Jessica DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars. Although there are many options to consider, the person who is on the top of my suspect list is Veronica Hastings. Could Veronica Hastings have killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? There are some things about Jessica’s death that points directly to Veronica. Let us take a look at this Pretty Little Liars Theory.

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Pretty Little Liars Theory

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  1. Jessica held false accusations against Spencer regarding Alison’s disappearance.
  2. It was difficult for Veronica to be so much around a woman her husband had an affair with. But maybe, she hated Jessica so much that she actually decided to end her life.
  3. Veronica didn’t feel bad about Jessica’s death at all. In the season 6 finale episode, “Last Dance,” we see Veronica get just a tad sloshed on wine and start dishing about her sadly deceased neighbor. She was stone cold regarding the death.
  4. Jessica was essentially poisoned with blood pressure medication — she was on medication for low blood pressure, but was killed by taking one that did the opposite of her prescription. That same medication was found in the Hastings home because Peter was taking it. Veronica had easy access to Jessica’s home and those pills.
  5. She told Spencer she thought her father killed Jessica because she didn’t want Spencer to catch on to her and because most guilty people try to push the blame on someone else.
  6. Peter told Spencer that Veronica is “staying a few nights at a spa” after she freaked out on a few police officers. Maybe she was out somewhere getting rid of evidence against her.
  7. This is gonna sound super crazy. Veronica thought she was killing Mary Drake (Spencer’s birthmother) as she didn’t want to lose Spencer when she found out the truth. But accidentally, she killed Jessica. Veronica had motives to kill both Jessica and Mary, so we can’t rule this out.

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