Most Shocking Prison Break Mistakes And Plot Holes That Very Few People Have Noticed


There is no doubt Prison Break has been one of the favorite television drama series of all times, but just like everything else in this world is not perfect same goes for the show as well. Though there is no end to the praise all the best Prison Break seasons garnered over the years, this show had its flaws which were visible to critics. In this post, we have tried to list down top ten Prison Break mistakes and Plot Holes that not many viewers are aware of.

Most Shocking Prison Break Mistakes:

Below are some of the most shocking mistakes ever took place on the show. Take a look at them right away:

Prison Break mistakes

Prison Break Season 3, Episode 2:

When Scofield pours water into his glass the water level isn’t even one-fourth full, but when it’s shown again the glass is magically half full.

Prison Break Season 3, Episode 9:

When T-bag finds out about the guard who took the money, how does he come to know where to search for him?

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Prison Break Season 2, Episode 9:

When the waitress recognizes Lincoln and LJ, they run off, when they are talking in the car we see LJ’s hair from his right side blowing away from the temple but in the other shots we see his hair completely normal covering his right temple.

Prison Break Season 2, Episode 9:

This one is quite one of the funniest Prison Break mistakes. When LJ is hit by a car yet he is able to run away without any difficulty at all.

Prison Break Season 2, Episode 6:

When C-Note walks in while the guys are digging in the trash, he closes the door, but as he walks further inside you can see the door swinging and just after that, in the wider shot you see the door closed tightly again.

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Prison Break Season 4, Episode 12 :

When Sarah crashes with the agent’s car, you can see that it’s a man driving but not her, after which you can easily determine that they are dummies in the agent’s car. One of them actually falls out. Just in the next shot, they are back in their place. 

Prison Break Season 1:

One of the errors throughout the first season is that the time shown is the year 2005 although all the drivers are driving model 2007 of Cadillac Escalade.

Prison Break Season 2, Episode12:

When the police arrest Bellick for killing Geary based on the voicemail on Geary’s phone, Bellick’s admission time to the hospital and the message and time of voice mail would have matched, proving him innocent.

Prison Break Season 1, Episode 1:

When Michael fills a form at Fox River he writes his birth date as 9 August 1978, but in the fourth season on Michael’s tombstone, it’s written as 10 August 1974. So what was his birth date?

Prison Break Season 4, Episode 15:

When a bargain is being discussed between Sara and Michael, he draws squares on the clipboard which is seen as a circle in the next scene. This is probably one of the silliest Prison Break mistakes ever.Prison Break mistakes

So this was our list of Prison Break mistakes and Plot Holes that very few people have noticed. Regardless of the fact that all the best Prison Break characters worked very well to justify their roles, these mistakes became visible to many critics. The only question is whether you noticed them all?

If you noticed any of these Prison Break mistakes, please let us know in the comments below.

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