5 Reasons That Will Make You Believe That Alison Is Carrying Emily’s Baby


Alison could potentially be pregnant with Emily’s baby. Sounds weird, right? Some of you might say that it is biologically impossible. Well, in PLL nothing is impossible as the episodes are always filled with shocking bombshells! With Spencer being shot and the reveal that she is Mary Drake’s daughter, Spencer having a twin (maybe), speculations regarding Aria being A, Nicole being alive, Speleb going down the drain, Caleb and Hanna being back together and Toby’s car crash- do you think Marlene King ever hesitates to over exaggerate?

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So hold your breath and take a look at these facts that prove that Alison is carrying Emily’s baby-

1. Emily had her eggs harvested earlier on in season 7A. PLL never throws any plot just for fun,  so every detail counts. Why would they bring up something like donating eggs without having it planned to build a storyline?

Alison Is Carrying Emily’s Baby2. When Alison told Emily, she said they had always been careful and is confused on why she’s pregnant. What if A.D or one of the minions fertilized the eggs further and implanted them into Ali? She was unconscious most of the time. There’s got to be a reason that they kept showing us scenes of Archer injecting Alison with a mysterious substance. What if he made her pregnant with Emily’s eggs?

Alison Is Carrying Emily’s Baby3. When Alison told Emily that she is pregnant, they had a moment.

Alison Is Carrying Emily’s Baby

“There’s two lines on the stick. I was waiting for one to disappear but it didn’t. At first, I thought I was just stressed. I’ve been late before but it was a false alarm. Oh, my God. I can’t believe this is happening. I thought we were careful. It’s not how I pictured starting a family”, she explained.

In fact, legit Emison kiss after years of shipping can be called more than a moment. Maybe, the whole scene was about the writers giving us a hint that Alison is carrying Emily’s baby and they are gonna get back together and raise the child.

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4. Marlene King also commented that Ali’s pregnancy is a “driving force” in the last half of the season which will effect all the Liars but “especially Emily”. This is the biggest hint

5. Look at this threat note by AD. Maybe he/she did use the eggs.

Alison Is Carrying Emily’s BabyNo matter how creepy and sick this sounds, it is indeed a good news for Emison fans.

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So, what do you think of this theory? Alison is carrying Emily’s baby or not? Let us know in the comments below. 

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