5 reasons why Barney and Robin were way better than Ted and Robin


There are high chances that this won’t go well with Ted and Robin shippers. But when it comes to compatibility, Barney and Robin are way better than Ted and Robin. They are second best and most relatable couple featured on How I Met Your Mother after Marshall and Lily, of course (because let’s be honest, there’s no competition there – nobody beats Lily and Marshall in terms of relationships). For me, the alternate ending was when Barney and Robin got married. But since the writers had already decided ‘Ted and Robin’ ending, they just forced it in the end whether it made any sense or not because apparently, they weren’t able to move on from that cheesy Blue French Horn incident. Much of HIMYM centered on Ted Mosby’s long quest for true love.

It was fairly obvious that the Ted and Robin story was supposed to be the main focus of the show. Ted and Robin when dated in season 2 it turned out very well. They looked adorable together. But we couldn’t help but fall in love with Barney and Robin as the show progressed. Here are the top 5 reasons why Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky belong together.

  1. They were perfectly compatible

    Barney and Robin

There was an episode where Robin asks Barney that she is a mess and why does Barney even like her? And Barney responds that he likes her because he was as messed up as Robin.

  1. Barney was easy going

While Ted always had a habit seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, Robin never felt pressured by Barney at any point to meet any kind of expectations, like settling down and having kids. They just knew how to enjoy the present and accept life as it comes. They didn’t fret over what was going to happen in the future.  

  1. Their story was way better than Ted and Robin’s

    Barney and Robin

The coupling wasn’t characterized by a storybook-type romance. As we die-hard HIMYM fans remember, neither Barney nor Robin wanted a relationship. Still, their ability to find their way back to each other until finally committing showed just how real their love was.

  1. They had a lot of fun together

    Barney and Robin

Being in a relationship is not all about romance and cheesy dialogues. No doubt, Ted Mosby was the king of romance and definitely knew how to make a girl extremely happy. But Barney and Robin were both Goofballs. The first time we realized how great they would be together was all the way back in Season 1 episode 14, where Robin acts as Barney’s wingman because Ted is with Victoria. Whether it was laser tag or drumming on a giant turtle statue, Barney and Robin were never afraid to get a little silly.

  1. They Were Way More Realistic

    Barney and Robin

The whole show was about Ted’s love story and how he met his future wife, so to have his main love interest be the first girl he met is way too predictable a move and not a very compelling storyline in itself. It was like, their eyes meet across a bar and despite all the hurdles, they were meant to be. So they ended up together. Doesn’t it sound more like a fairytale? Unlike them, both Robin and Barney were equally career-driven and practical that ultimately made their love story more epic than Ted and Robin’s relationship could ever be.

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So, who do you think is a better couple? Barney and Robin or Ted and Robin? Let us know in the comments below.

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